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Jim Strickland is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA

disability benefits. Jim writes extensively about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 
Jim's Mailbag is a regular column featured at  Stateside Legal  where veterans, servicemembers,

and family members can  ask Jim their questions  about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 

TDIU or IU or unemployability is a pathway to reach a 100% rating when you don't reach the rating by adding up your conditions by  The Schedule  but you still aren't able to work at gainful employment because of the cumulative effect of your rated disabilities.

To be eligible for the TDIU benefit you must have at least a single rating of 60% or greater or a rating of 70% or greater with at least one rating of 40% or greater in the mix.

The TDIU benefit may be temporary or it may be permanent in the way it's assigned to you and it is equal in every way to a 100% schedular rating other than you are not allowed to work at Gainful Employment.

Many veterans mistakenly attempt to change their 100% TDIU rating for a 100% schedular rating in the false hope of some sort of increased benefit. That's a waste of time and often backfires when VA reviews the record and lowers a rating.

The link you see below takes you to a talk given years ago and is a great explanation of the details of the TDIU benefit.

You may want to consider whether you are eligible for   Extra schedular ratings under 38 C.F.R. § 3.321(b)

Service Connection 
38 CFR § 3.303 - Principles relating to service connection
In a nutshell, to be service connected and thus rated as a disabling condition by VA there must be reasonable evidence that your diagnosed disabling condition was caused, contributed to or aggravated by military service.

Jim, You recently answered a veteran, “If [you] have a diagnosis of a service connected cancer, [you] are to remain rated at 100% until the cancer is treated and gone.” Here’s my question: In a case where the cancer (soft tissue sarcoma), is not service connected, would it be considered service connected because it took my VA providers to “diagnose” it, and became “highly infiltrative”? (Actually, my providers never diagnosed it. My lesion was revealed to be soft tissue sarcoma only because VA resected (not biopsied) it, and VA Pathology determined the resected tissue was soft tissue sarcoma. Incidentally, when VA Pathology determined the mass was soft tissue sarcoma, the Tumor Board referred me to civilian care for corrective surgery & radiation therapy, and told me I had to pay for everything myself. Was that kosher? Shouldn’t VA have referred me to civilian care under “fee basis, I had to mesh my treatment with my work schedule, couldn’t keep it up, and ended up bankrupt & homeless.   Diagnostic Code 5329 speaks to the seriousness of soft tissue sarcoma, and mandates temporary total disability. Thank you
Service connection implies that a condition was caused, contributed to or aggravated by military service. If a condition isn't service connected and rated by VA, VA won't treat the veteran for free unless the veteran is in a Priority category that allows that.
It sounds as if your condition is not service connected and as such VA has no obligation to care for you. You're stuck if you don't have health insurance.

TDIU...how it works, what you need to know

Published in 2005, this is the best explanation of the TDIU benefit you'll find. 

What Is IU
Individual Unemployability or IU is the basis on which the Department of Veterans Affairs pays service-connected disability compensation at the rate payable for a 100-percent evaluation to qualified veterans with combined evaluations that are less than 100 percent.  

Regional office decision-makers assign IU ratings when veterans meet minimum combined evaluation criteria and, in the judgment of the rating official(s), are unemployable due solely to their service-connected conditions. 

In exceptional circumstances, regional offices may refer cases that fail to meet the minimum combined evaluation criteria to the Director of the Compensation and Pension Service for consideration of an IU rating.

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Total Disability Individual Unemployability

TDIU, IU, Unemployability



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Title: PART 17 - MEDICAL 

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