Former Marine faces 21 years for stealing combat veteran's story of valor

A former Marine who stole a combat veteran’s story of valor and scammed the government

out of a house and benefits is facing 21 years in jail for his crimes, WFAA reported.

The family of Casey Owens, a Marine who lost both of his legs in 2004 when his

Humvee hit an anti-tank mine and then killed himself after a decade of

pain and fighting the Veterans Administration, tells the

station that Brandon Blackstone is no hero for what he did.

The Tragic, Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans

“We do so much in this country to celebrate and honor folks who risk their lives on the

battlefield,” Stevenson told me recently. “But we don’t remember that black veterans

were more likely to be attacked for their service than honored for it.” To be a soldier is to

receive training in weapons, in organizations, in tactics: the skills of self-assertion. It is

also to lay claim to the reverence that America sets aside for its former warriors. For these

reasons, the return home of black soldiers after war has infuriated

and terrified white America, setting the stage for reactionary aggression.

Liberal Students Get US Flag Removed from Campus.

Then 1000 Military Veterans Show Up…

After a group of students at Hampshire College successfully got the American flag

removed from campus, roughly 1,000 military veterans gathered in Amherst, MA, on Sunday

to teach them a lesson with a patriotic protest. They brought plenty of flags to campus, too.

The veterans said they want the students to know the freedom they enjoy,

the same freedom that allows them to disrespect the flag, isn’t free.

Non-vet Jeff Miller poor choice for for VA secretary

We recently elected Donald Trump on the theme of change. He promised to harness the

best business minds in America and to drain the swamp of the incompetent politicians

responsible for our country’s presumed failures. On veterans issues, the President-elect

has declared that he will take care of the vets” and issued a 10-point plan — the first of

which is to “Appoint a VA Secretary whose sole purpose will be to serve

veterans [because] under a Trump Administration, the needs

of D.C. bureaucrats will no longer be placed above those of our veterans.”

Be aware of VA changes coming in April

If you are a wartime veteran, or a family member of a wartime veteran, you have

probably heard conflicting information regarding proposed changes to the eligibility rules

for the Aid & Attendance Pension (A&A) offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Jim's Mailbag

Hi Jim: I was stationed for over 6 years at Plattsburgh AFB NY. My concern is that I have

developed many autoimmune diseases and have been treated for many that I have symptoms

for, but do not test positive.  I have allergies, sensitivity to solvents and inflammation

throughout my body.  My mucous membranes, intestines, bones and muscles are

all affected. I have now learned that Plattsburgh AFB is highly contaminated.

What can I do?

Reply: You're correct that Plattsburgh AFB has been found to be contaminated with a number

of chemicals and it's now a "superfund site".  It's unfortunate that a lot of military sites

are known to be contaminated with chemicals like TCE, a common solvent. The first thing you

must do is to establish a medical diagnosis that will label your illnesses. We can't

file claims successfully without a medical diagnosis of a named condition. Then

you must establish a medical nexus (a connection) between exposures to

chemicals and your current condition. That may require an IMO and a review of

all your medical records. All that data should be included as you file a disability

claim with the VA. Proving a cause and effect outcome of exposure to deadly chemicals

is never simple. The burden of proving that is up to you and it can be done.

Sarah Palin for Veterans Affairs?

A Wrestling Impresario for Small Business?

President-elect Donald J. Trump wants to keep New York’s crusading United States attorney

on board, and is reportedly eyeing the professional wrestling impresario Linda

McMahon for the Small Business Administration.

And a new name has popped up to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs:

Sarah Palin.

Trump Needs To Take The VA Secretary Job Seriously

Among all the various things Donald Trump promised on the trail, few will be more central

to the argument that his Administration has succeeded or failed than whether he can

say, four years from now, that he made meaningful improvements in our system of

veterans’ healthcare. The VA healthcare system has been a scandalous failure

under President Obama, a failure that is mostly not Obama’s doing

(most of its causes predate him) but against which he’s made little headway.

Will Trump Insult Veterans by Sending Sarah Palin to the VA?

Palin has no obvious qualifications for the Veterans Affairs job. If appointed and confirmed,

she would be the first non-veteran to head VA. Yes, she is the mother of a veteran: Her

son Track did a tour of duty in Iraq. But it’s unlikely that would be cited very often as a

credential, since Track has had a troubled life since returning to Alaska; indeed, he was

arrested on assault and possession of firearms while intoxicated charges subsequent to

an alleged domestic-violence incident the very day his mom went to Iowa to endorse Trump.

American Legion rep “horrified” by VA discipline

The chairman of Tennessee’s American Legion Legislative Committee says he plans on

pushing for change after seeing the results of our Community Watchdog investigation into

VA discipline. “I was horrified,” Bob Hensley said after learning three

employees substantiated for abuse kept their jobs. “I found it very disturbing.”

The VA needs an executive, not a cheerleader

Dear President-elect Trump, When you take office, you'll inherit a Department of Veterans

Affairs with serious systemic challenges. There are insurmountable medical

appointment wait times, despite receiving more than $10 billion for the Veteran Choice program.

Dr. Brett Valette provides Military Veterans with psychological

Independent Medical Evaluation, Independent Medical Opinions,

Nexus Letters and Ratings Reviews. For more information visit

Report on Tucson VA wait times validates

whistleblower's claims

After 17 years working as a registered nurse in the Tucson VA system, Diane

Suter says she was taken aback when a manager first pressured

her to falsely record patient wait times in 2014.

Veterans Affairs — remember your mission

Veterans’ benefits claims may go undecided for more than a year, an unimaginably

difficult year for those who haven’t experienced it. Our newly elected government leaders

should address how the VA can better care for our veterans.

VA to employ artificial intelligence, precision medicine for veterans

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs signs five-year deal with San

Francisco-based Flow Health to apply AI in making care plans personalized.

VA Touts Progress of Reform Initiatives

With Congress continuing to consider various plans to reform the VA, the department has

said that its own initiative, called MyVA, is producing measurable improvements for both

veterans and the department’s own employees. A report cited improvements since 2014

including in: the level of trust veterans have in the VA; the number of appointments

completed; the processing time and accuracy of disability claims;

wait times; veterans homelessness; and quality of care.

Scott Brown on What the Next VA Secretary Must Do

A strong candidate for the job who is currently being considered for Secretary of Veterans

Affairs is former Senator Scott Brown. American Thinker

interviewed him and some veterans about what issues need to be tackled.

America’s veterans can’t wait for slow change

Incremental change doesn’t seem to be working to turn around the Department of

Veterans Affairs. We’ve editorialized on such a variety of malfeasance, mismanagement

and mayhem within the vast federal bureaucracy that we’re

beginning to lose hope that the ship can be righted without massive overhaul.

Friends: Soldier who took his life outside VA is tragic

example of vets desperate for help

"I'm John Tombs. I'm sitting here outside Alvin C. York VA where earlier today i was

discharged for a trivial reason," Toombs said in the video. "They knew the extent of my

problems, PTSD, depression, all that, even more."


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Atlanta whistleblower to Trump:

Address ongoing “nightmare” in VA’s systems

An Atlanta-based whistleblower who helped expose failures in the VA’s national

health enrollment system called on President-elect Trump

to appoint a strong executive to fix the troubled agency.

Marine widow seeks VA benefits in Louisville

Florida Marine widow Tara Craver drove 900 miles to make a point. Standing outside

the Veteran's Administration in downtown Louisville on Thursday morning, she

waved signs alongside her sister reading, "VA Denies Camp Lejeune Claims."

Trump VA moves already hint at major shakeups for the department

President-elect Donald Trump hasn’t finalized his pick to become Veterans Affairs secretary,

but his choice of advisers indicates a radical overhaul to veterans’ health care is in the works.

Changes at VA could have long-reaching effects on the national debate

surrounding the size of federal bureaucracies and the public’s

responsibility for the long-term wounds of war.

Rounds claims VA stiffing vets on emergency care bills

South Dakota U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R) is blasting the VA for still refusing to pay for

emergency care for veterans at non-VA medical facilities. In his U.S. Senate floor

speech on Wednesday, Rounds highlighted the case of 90-year-old Korean War Veteran

Alfred Dimmick of Rapid City. He said Dimmick was twice taken to non-VA facilities for

possible heart attacks, because emergency responders didn't want to take a chance with

the longer drive to a VA facility. Rounds said Dimmick still

owes thousands of dollars because the VA refuses to cover the bills.

Sarah Palin isn't qualified to lead VA

"Trump's candidacy has exposed, not just that tragic-that ramifications of the betrayal of

a transformation of our country," Sarah Palin said during her endorsement of Donald

Trump, "but, two, he has exposed the complicity on both sides of the aisle that has enabled it, okay?"

If that passage doesn't make sense to you, you're not alone.

Newhouse bill would force VA to fix mismanagement

issues for veterans health care system

A bill introduced by Rep. Dan Newhouse and Derek Kilmer would force

the Veterans Health Administration to move forward with fixes to its mismanagement issues.

Recent Study Shows that Medical Malpractice

is the Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

Christopher F. Quirk

The slogan: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” has never been more true.

On May 3, 2016, the BMJ medical journal issued a report showing that “medical errors”

at hospitals and other healthcare facilities are the third leading cause of death in the

United States. [1] In 2013 alone, medical malpractice accounted for 251,000,000 deaths

(over seven times the deaths caused by firearms that same year). That’s 27,000 more

deaths than from the fourth, fifth, and sixth leading causes combined. If this is surprising

to you, it’s not to the researchers and members of the medical community, who have

been monitoring this problem for well over a decade. The alarming evidence medical

malpractice deaths came to light as recently as 1999. That year, a report from the

Institutes of Medicine (IOM) labeled preventable medical errors an “epidemic.”

At the time, the IOM estimated medical malpractice accounted for up to 98,000 deaths per year.

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