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Hey Jim:

Can you tell me about 100% disability for lung cancer?​ What is Special Monthly Compensation K?

​How can I find a VA lawyer overseas?​ What benefits for newly awarded 100% TDIU?

​What are Prostate Cancer residuals and ratings? ​Should I try to get a higher VA disability rating?

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VA Disability - When the initial decision finds no "nexus"
What is the "nexus" and why is it important? 

Predicting Social Security's 2019 COLA
Based on new data, here's a pinpoint guess for Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment next year.

Veterans Law Attorney

Frequently veterans will ask if we provide counseling services.

In response to this, Dr. Valette will be accepting a few veteran’s or family members for

Tele-Health personal counseling sessions. Phone, text, email sessions.

Daily availability to each veteran.
At this time, only available to veteran’s who live in Colorado, Texas, Florida, Washington, Iowa, S.Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii. Email for more info and pricing: Info@VeteransPsychEvaluations.com

Blink XT Home Security Camera System

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2019 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment

now expected to be 2.8 percent
Slightly lower estimate would still be the largest cost-of-living increase since 2012

How to Fight VA Debt

​If there's one thing military members know, it's that when the Defense Department gives you too much money, it will come back for it eventually.The VA is similar, but the system is worse.

Here are the best and worst VA medical centers

Veterans Affairs officials claimed improvements at 66 percent of their medical centers

across the country last fiscal year, with 18 earning the highest level of

excellence in the department’s internal ratings system. But nine others remain

on the VA’s list of underperforming facilities after getting the lowest possible rating.

Caffeine May Increase Pain Tolerance
A plant-based diet may also help you withstand pain.

Has Your Claim Been Denied?

Do you need an IMO or a DBQ?

You'll need to speak with an expert physician and then a veterans law attorney. Why not speak

with both at the same time? Dr. Anaise is a physician, surgeon and veterans law attorney.

Dr. Anaise has been providing military veterans with disability benefits help for many years.

Speak with him today...it won't cost anything but a little of your time.

Veterans Clinical Psychologist

Office of Child Support Enforcement
Income Withholding and Medical Support for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions

Veterans Disability Doctor

TDIU???      Unemployability Questions???       IU????

I am a Veteran
Veterans of the United States Uniformed Services may be eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

Agent Orange Newsletter

Have You Received A RAMP Letter?

New VA appeals trial an opportunity for both veterans and the agency

​It’s been a year since Congress first passed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act and gave the Veterans Benefits Administration an 18-month window to implement the new program. The agency has less than six months now to stand up a brand new appeals process for veterans, many of whom have longstanding claims and have been waiting on a decision for years.

Veterans Law Attorney
Hepatitis C Treatment

New VA rankings:

Five hospitals get lowest one-star rating for third year


Delay, Deny, Until You Die

Robert Wilkie


Decision Ready Claims

The Decision Ready Claims (DRC) Program is the fastest way to get your VA claim processed. You can get a decision on your claim in 30 days or less by working with an accredited Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or other accredited representative.

Military Service Records, Awards, and Unit Histories: 

A Guide to

Locating Sources

Better Measures Needed to Assess Regional Office

Performance in Processing Claims
GAO-19-15: Published: Oct 3, 2018. Publicly Released: Oct 3, 2018

Veterans Living Overseas

If you’re a Veteran who lives overseas, you remain entitled to the benefits and services you earned through your military service. Most VA benefits are payable regardless of your place of residence or nationality. VA benefits include disability compensation, pension, education and training, health care, home loans, insurance, vocational rehabilitation and employment and burial.

No-Cost Flu Shot Options for Veterans

​Flu season is here, and getting your flu shot has never been easier. Remember that getting

vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself, as well as your loved ones, against the flu virus.

This year, enrolled Veterans of the VA health care system have several options to get a flu shot.

VA now offers more options, easy access, and seamless records. And the best thing is that

your VA medical record, as well as your VA Blue Button, will be automatically updated. It doesn't

matter if you get your flu shot at your local VA health care facility or your neighborhood Walgreens,

your VA records will be updated. Check out when and where to get your flu shot today.

VA Benefits for Your Child
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers several benefits for the children of veterans: 
(1) Education benefits 
(2) Health care CHAMPVA 
(3) Life insurance

(4) Memorial benefits 

Jim's Mailbag

Jim Strickland is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA disability benefits and a member

of the Stateside Legal Website Advisory Board

Jim's Mailbag, is a regular column where veterans,

servicemembers, and family members can ask Jim their

questions about VA and Social Security disability benefits.

You can browse all of these Q&As here, and search the Jim's

Mailbag archives for helpful answers. If Jim hasn't already addressed the questions you have, you can submit your own question. 

Special Compensation

for Assistance with

Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL)
Special Compensation

for Assistance with Activities

of Daily Living (SCAADL) Calculator 
What Are
Activities Of Daily Living


Receipt of Overlapping Opioid and Benzodiazepine Prescriptions Among Veterans Dually Enrolled in Medicare Part D and the Department of Veterans Affairs: A Cross-sectional Study

Overlapping use of opioids and benzodiazepines is associated with increased

risk for overdose. Veterans receiving medications concurrently from the U.S. Department

of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Medicare may be at higher risk for such overlap.​​

VA home loans

Everything America’s military veterans need to know

What is a VA loan?
Veterans Affairs mortgages, better known as VA loans, offer considerable benefits for eligible

military veterans, service members and spouses who want to buy a home. The main

draw of VA loans is that they make it easier to get financing by offering no down-payment

loans and more lenient credit and income requirements than conventional mortgages.

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Business Insider


Disability, Survivors, SSDI,

Dependents, Pension


Central Intelligence Agency
Electronic Reading Room



Chicago Tribune

Christian Science Monitor

Choice Program

Billing Issues

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

The Code of Federal Regulations Title 38


Courthouse News
Ann Coulter
CNN Sources

"Contact Your Representative!!!"
Who are my representatives?

C & P Exams

Everything You Need To Survive

Contact Your Representative
Discharges & Military Records

Daily Caller

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DENIED!!!   How To Appeal


Education For Dependents

Defense Threat Reduction Agency



Child Support  Alimony

Benefits Garnishment

My HealtheVet Website

The Federal Register

Financial Times

FOX News

Free Beacon

GUNS Weapons   Concealed Carry

NICS     Veterans 2nd Amendment Rights


Gulf News

The Guardian

Home Based Primary Care (HBPC)

The Hill


IMO  IME  DBQs   Nexus Letters

India Times


Independent Expert  Medical Opinions

The Jerusalem Post


Medical Records Review

Marijuana   &  VA  DRUG TESTING & VA

Moscow Times

M21-1 Adjudication Procedures Manual
National Personnel Records Center

New York Times
Mother Jones

National Enquirer

Patient Record Flags

New Outreach for Vets Regarding
Discharges & Military Records.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea



Records of the Veterans Administration [VA]

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Smoking Gun

Socialist Worker


The Sun

Talking Points Memo


USA Today

U.S. Medicine
Veterans Benefits Administration
Fact Sheets

The VA App Store

VA urges veterans to be
screened for hepatitis C

VA’s Airborne Hazards and Open Burn
Pit Registry for Veterans and Servicemembers

VA Payment for Emergency Care

The Veterans Law Library

Ventusky Weather Wind Map

Veterans Benefits Administration
Benefit Brochures

Veterans injured by service wait
years for compensation hearings

Vietnam War Resources



Washington Post
Washington Times

Welcome to Military Disney Tips!

Weekly World News

World Net Daily
World Public Opinion



The VAWatchdog​​

Here's the latest on a veteran's lawsuit

against the Louisiana VA director

​He...alleges that "Bologna and his staff (under his direction) are deliberately

delaying [his] claim due to [his] age and the likelihood of [him] dying before

proper award can be made," which the defendant points out in his motion to dismiss.

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Pinups For Veterans
Veterans Law Attorney

Study finds shortcomings in how doctors talk about lung nodules

Lung nodules are quite common, but most are benign. Still, some doctors, worried that

too much distress is harmful to patients, avoid talking about possible cancer. Anxiety, often

long-lasting and sometimes severe, is common among patients with pulmonary nodules

that are detected unintentionally or during tests for another medical condition. 

Claims Go Here

​V A Claims Intake Center
PO BOX 4444
JANESVILLE, WI 53547- 4444

Toll Free Fax: 844-531-7818​


Military Records DD 214

Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs)
Official Personnel Folders (OPF)

Selective Service Records

Deceased Veteran's Claim Files

Individual Deceased Personnel File

VA releases 2018 performance ratings for its hospitals

​Overall, 38 hospitals improved their star ratings in 2018, 40 dropped

in the ratings and 68 stayed the same as last year.

Veterans Legal

Help Navigator
Welcome to the Veterans Legal Help Navigator. 

Veteran Proud
Disability Physician Veterans Law Attorney
Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Benefits

VA owes veterans housing allowances under the GI Bill,

forcing some into debt“

You can count on us to serve, but we can’t count on the VA to make a deadline,” one veteran said.

Delay Deny Cup

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Hurricane Michael Updates

Veteran Disaster Hotline Number: 1-800-507-4571
Employee Disaster Hotline Number: 1-866-233-0152
VBA Hotline Number: 1-800-827-1000
Pharmacy Customer Care: 1- 866-400-1243
Vet Center/Counseling: 1-877-WAR-VETS

My HealtheVet: Wherever internet is available, My HealtheVet provides Veterans

with access to copies of their VA health records, Secure Messaging to keep in touch

with their health care team, and VA prescription refill. For emergencies, always call 911.

Download the VA Disaster Assistance brochure here.

How to Increase an Existing VA Disability Rating

The application process is pretty easy, you can DIY in no time.

We provide the "How To" details here.

Politicians Care More About Illegal Immigrants

and Elections than Disabled Veterans

James Di Napoli, a disabled Iraq War veteran, says illegal immigration has ruined his life.

Is this how we treat disabled veterans in the United States?

Veterans Affairs misdiagnoses and

delays nearly kill SoCal veteran

An expert for the VA concluded his primary care physician had failed the standard of care.
"She used these exact words - the VA failed to meet the standard of care and there was a

breach - and that there's liability involved and the VA is looking to settle your case" 

What Additional Benefits
Are YOU Eligible For?

VBA  Derivative Benefits Eligibility​ 

The Alphabet Soup of

Disability Income:

When you can't work, there are

three programs that can help.

VA Form 21-526EZ 
Use For...

Disability Service Connection
Secondary Service Connection

Disability Compensation
Temporary Total Disability Rating
 Individual Unemployability
Compensation under  38 U.S.C. 1151
 Special Monthly Compensation
Special Home Adaptation 
Automobile Allowance
/Adaptive Equipment
Benefits Based on a Veteran's
Seriously Disabled Child

How To Develop and Perfect Your Claim / Appeal

Here we are, you've decided to file a claim or you need to begin an appeal

of a recently denied claim and you aren't sure what's the next step?

You'll need to concentrate on satisfying the requirements of filing a VA disability 

benefits claim...an event that you can reasonably document, a diagnosed illness

(condition) or injury and a nexus or link between the claimed condition, the claimed event

and disabilities caused by the claimed condition. One of the first steps you can take 

to help perfect your claim is to research similar claims and appeals over at the 

Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) web site. The BVA is the next level of claims

after the regional office raters have denied your claim for one reason or another. The

BVA search engine can help you to design a similar strategy to the cases you'll

​discover where the veteran has prevailed. BVA decisions do not establish a precedent 

so you'll have to develop and present your own case in a similar way to what you learn 

as you do your research. For example...let's say you're a Vietnam veteran

with boots on the ground service in-country that qualifies you to be eligible for 

presumptive benefits related to agent orange exposure. You've been diagnosed,

treated and rated for adult onset diabetes (DMII) for 7 years now but you've been 

told that the pains in the calves of your legs are peripheral artery disease (PAD) and you

may soon need surgery. Is the PAD service connected? Can you file for that?

​You can learn what you need to know by going to the BVA search engine here and 

choosing one or two years to search  and then typing in the search terms < diabetes

Vietnam peripheral artery disease > and clicking the search button. The site will return

to you all the cases that have been adjudicated that are similar and contain those 

words. Now it's up to you to take the time to read and learn

And that's how you win your claim!

Drug Screens 

at your VA Clinic...


Veterans Offered Chance To Have Legal Issues Addressed Quickly
Hillsborough County Veterans with minor legal concerns can have them quickly addressed.

Fully Developed Claims

What Is a Fully Developed Claim?
The Fully Developed Claims (FDC) program is an optional initiative that offers Veterans and survivors faster decisions from VA on compensation, pension, and survivor benefit claims.
Veterans and survivors simply submit all relevant records in their possession, and those records which are easily obtainable, such as private medical records, at the time they make their claim and certify that they have no further evidence to submit. VA can then review and process the claim more quickly.

U.S. Student Debt Just Reached This Ugly Milestone
Here are 4 tips to prevent student loan debt from crippling your future.

From the Desk of Drew Early, Veterans Law Attorney

Trac or Costanza and why it matters: 

See the recent ruling in Martin et al v. Shulkin, 17-1747, CAFC (2018) and Rose v. Shulkin, 17-1762, CAFC (June 7, 2018).  These cases revolved around what standard for an appellant to use in bringing an action for violation of due process against the VA. 
VA due process challenges used to be evaluated against the Costanza standard that fundamentally required a demonstration that VA’s delays amounted to an arbitrary refusal to act or an unlawful withholding of action.  Unreasonable delay didn’t matter.  Costanza was a unique standard, only applied against the VA.
That’s all changes now.  The rest of the US Government was assessed as to due process challenges for delay against the TRAC standard.  The two cases that the Federal Circuit just decided have now made TRAC the standard for challenging delay (or lack of due process) by VA.  The big difference is that TRAC provides for assessment of unreasonable delay as well as arbitrary refusal to act and cites six factors in that regard.
So, this will now make a due process challenge against delays by the VA simpler and hopefully easier.  The standard has been lowered to win at these type of challenges and that’s a good thing for veterans and their families.
I would note, as well, that this great work was done by attorneys, not VSOs, and was done pro bono by them.  So, think about who is doing the substantive and difficult kind of work at the higher appellate levels that veterans need done.   /s/ Drew

Veterans Benefits on Reddit

Education and Training
The end of military service
marks the start of something new.

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Jobs For Veterans​ - Grow with Google
Free training, tools, and events to help you grow your skills, career, or business.

Supporting our military service members and their spouses
Explore tools and resources designed to help you transition from military to civilian life

Begin your job search
You can search “jobs for veterans” on Google and enter your Military Occupational

Specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) to see relevant

civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in your military roles.
Get Started​​

Helping veterans make their next move in civilian life

Veterans Disability Lawyer

How to Use My HealtheVet
My HealtheVet is the VA's Personal Health Record.

It is designed for Veterans, Servicemembers, their caregivers and others. To use My HealtheVet, you will need a computer with Internet access...

Jim's Mailbag

Back To School

College Guide for Veterans and Servicemembers

Deciding to Attend College after the Military

17 years of war

Pressed flowers. Mint chocolate-chip ice cream. A first dance.

A final phone call. As the United States marks 17 years of war,

the families of 17 fallen service members share treasured memories.

Yes, you can sue the VA for medical malpractice.