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Veterans Psych Evaluations
 Brett Valette, Ph.D.

Providing Military Veterans Personalized Psychological and Medical Evaluations. Complete the Contact form, and you'll get a personal phone call from us. We listen, and want to know what you are going through. We provide Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Independent Medical Opinions (IMO) and nexus letters for ratings reviews, secondary conditions, medical conditions, discharge upgrades, and many types of denied claims.  We also provide Social Security Disability claim reports.

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Since 2005 we are all about providing American military veterans the latest news about the

Department of Veterans Affairs & Social Security Administration's disability benefits process. 

No endless chats, no registrations or fees...just the latest facts for you to use.

These are your benefits...Do Not Be Denied!

Extra Schedular Rating

​Extra schedular ratings under

38 C.F.R. § 3.321(b)

​How can I get an extra schedular rating?

​To receive an extra schedular rating the veteran

must first show that the veteran’s

conditions result in a disability picture

that is not covered by the schedule of ratings. 

VA OCONUS Connection


​Status of Operations: (BDD) Offices

Overseas Military Service Coordinators

OCONUS Connection FAQs​​

Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Benefits

​​​C&P Service Clinician’s Guide
Scheduled For A C & P???    Filing A Claim?
This is a must read for you!!!​
I've been posting this again and again over the years and it's still one of the best ways

I know to win your case.

Published in 2002 the principles and much of the

verbiage still applies and is in daily use at the VA. 

Combine these principles

with  an IMO  and you win.

VA Urgent Care Pharmacy Locations
Find VA-approved urgent care/retail location

pharmacies near a specific

address or ZIP code, or search by VA Facility.

Department of Veterans Affairs Fiduciary Appointments

By The Numbers - How This Works-What To Do
1) You receive notice that VA is proposing to appoint a fiduciary.You are shocked and you do not agree. This is only a proposal, not a decision. You have the right to appeal.

2) DON'T PANIC! Sit down and read the letter very carefully. Read it again. There is valuable information in the letter you received.

Contact A Veterans Law Attorney For Help

3) Complete a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) form. 
4) Mail the form using Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Do not use anything other than Certified Mail!

5) Do not delay! Don't run around asking everyone what to do. Don't try to collect statements from anyone like family or friends. Don't do anything but get the letter in the mail.

6) Once VA gets the NOD form, they will reply to tell you that you can't file a NOD yet because no decision has been made. Don't worry about that.  Your NOD has notified them that they have made a mistake.  You are now on record with the disagreement.

7) Wait patiently. After VA receives your NOD they will probably  schedule you for another C & P exam. During this C & P exam you will
be asked about how you manage your finances. Answer truthfully and completely.

8) You're done. That wasn't hard, was it?

Contact A Veterans Law Attorney For Help

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Veteran Disability Claims 

Nexus and IMO Letters

COVID-19 Laws and Legal Resources

​Legal Rights and Information

Regarding Coronavirus

Refill Your VA Prescriptions

​Online with MyHealtheVet 

​The Rx Refill Mobile App 

Call your local VA

Pharmacy number

on the prescription label

​​By mail: VA Refill Form

File Your Claim Right Here

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Welcome to the KnowVA Knowledge Base

Locate information more quickly and efficiently

Stimulus check qualifications might be

more complicated than you think.

What we know
Congress yet to reach a deal, but here's what

we already know about who

could qualify for a second direct payment.

Types of VA disability claims and when to file
Find out when you can first file a claim for service-connected benefits—and what to do if you want

to request more benefits or have new evidence to

support a claim we denied in the past.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Download VA benefit letters
To receive some benefits, Veterans need a letter

proving their status. 

Veterans with just VA benefits

can't opt out of no-fault coverage

​Michigan's top insurance regulator said Monday

that military veterans who use the U.S. Department of Veterans as their primary health care provider are not eligible for the cheapest coverage option in the state's revamped no-fault auto insurance system that has

saved some drivers hundreds of dollars a year.

Jim Strickland

Florida Veterans

Medical Marijuana Card
Tell the doctor you saw it on VAWatchdog

and ask about veterans discounts!​

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 38 - Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief

​Volume: 1Date: 2019-07-01Original

Date: 2019-07-01Title: PART 17 - MEDICAL

VA Health Care Public Health Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

​What you should know
VA is working closely with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal partners,
monitoring an outbreak of Novel Coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Second stimulus check: 6 key facts

to know about another payment
With the rush of activity on Capitol Hill in the run-up to the elections, we break out the news you need to know about a potential second round of stimulus checks.

Legacy of Iran-Iraq War still reverberates 40 years later
Bitter eight-year battle not only inflicted

human and economic devastation,

but has impacted Middle East to this day.

Be a  VA  Volunteer.

I did that for years & it's

the best thing ever. Get 

into the belly of the beast.

VA  loves  volunteers!

Do You Need

Medical Care

​You are already authorized

to use an urgent

care clinic!

Florida veteran groups buckle under pandemic

hit, learn new ways to stay afloat

The Veterans of Foreign Wars and American

Legion now stress rainy-day funds and increased connection with post communities.

Dr. David Anaise

Physician - Surgeon - Veteran

Veterans Law Attorney

​Create or update your will fast / 100% free

Make your will with FreeWill today

Healthcare directives, 

proxies, living wills and durable financial power of attorney.

All are free to use.

38 CFR Book C 

Schedule for Rating Disabilities

Florida has more than 56,000 pediatric

cases of COVID-19

Trump at a rally Monday night declared that in some states “like nobody” younger than 18 is affected by COVID-19,

but Florida’s pediatric report which was released

Tuesday morning shows more than 56,000 people

younger than 18 are infected in the Sunshine State.
“You know, in some states, thousands of people, nobody young. Below the age of 18, nobody,"

Trump said of the virus on Monday.

Coronavirus in Oregon

State records highest case count, hospitalizations

and test positivity in a month

Positive result on PTSD screen linked

to 58% increase in veteran suicide mortality risk

Positive results on the Primary Care-Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Screen were associated with an increased risk for suicide mortality among veterans, according to study results published in JAMA Network Open.

Untreated Hearing Loss Linked

To Loneliness And Isolation For Seniors

Did you know that hearing loss and tinnitus are the

most commonly rated veterans disabilities? Did you

know that hearing loss and tinnitus can cause

other secondary conditions, particularly mental

health problems like depression and loneliness?

Updated CDC guidance

acknowledges coronavirus can

spread through the air

Sixty Percent  -  60%   -  of business

closures due to the coronavirus

pandemic are now permanent

40 Stories From Women

About Life in the Military​   

"Not Many Women Get

to Do What I Do"

Today’s older workers may see the first

cuts to Social Security benefits

The Congressional Budget Office released

an updated budget outlook, including

the pandemic’s impact on the economy

PAPER Evidence Records

and Claims All Go Here

​V A Claims Intake Center
PO BOX 4444

53547- 4444
Toll Free Fax:


Web Automated Reference Material System
Compensation and Pension Materials

How To Get Urgent Care For Free

If you have any symptoms


You are authorized urgent care but you must be prepared!

How Divorce, Alimony, and Child Support

Affect Veterans' VA Benefits
VA benefits can be garnished only for spousal
or child support,

and only under certain conditions.

Relief for Veterans Impacted by Natural Disasters

​Disaster Resources Available to Veterans

​Health Care Assistance

​Debt Relief

​Other Resources

How to file a VA disability claim
Find out how to file a claim for disability compensation

or increased disability compensation.

Veterans Affairs Department

Proposed Rule - Aggravation Definition

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

proposes its adjudication regulations relating to aggravation of service-connected disabilities to more clearly define “aggravation” in service-connection claims. The revisions would explicitly confirm a singular definition of “aggravation” that includes the requirement of “permanent worsening.” The revisions would also include minor organizational and technical changes.​​

Website Monitoring Tool

If 2020 were a food truck.

Military Records DD 214

Your Health

Urgent Care Centers

One of the most important benefits you have today is the authorization to use an urgent care center near to you.

But first, you have to

print your paperwork

to take with you. 

Don't wait until you need this

benefit to prepare for it. Read this now,

print your papers and be prepared!


Do You Need  No Cost  Help Filing

A Claim?

National Association
of County Veterans Service Officers

TDIU  -  Unemployability

Veterans Affairs Department


Computer Matching Program

No More VA Form 21-4140

CIA Reading Room

World Facts

Travel Advisories

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Are You Rated For A Spine Condition?

Mistakes Have Been made!

Accuracy of Claims Decisions Involving
Conditions of the Spine

​According to VBA, approximately 1.5 million

veterans have service-connected disabilities involving the spine as of September 30, 2018.7 The

VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) determined

there is a high risk for processing errors on these

claims. Making accurate decisions on these claims is vital to ensuring veterans receive the disability compensation benefits for which they are eligible. 

The way to get a correct rating?

You Need An IMO!

Training book used for VA

'How To Lie With Statistics'

Office of General Counsel

​Accreditation & Discipline

Social Security benefits in 2021

How much your check is likely to increase next year

Your Questions, Answered
September 2020

I get a lot of questions about divorce. I've decided to try

 to put the best in a sort of compendium for you to browse.
Check it out...if you have questions or comments <>

Qualifying for Social Security Spousal

and Survivor Benefits
A guide for spouses, ex-spouses, widows and

widowers on their Social Security

benefits and how to make the most of them.

How  To  Win

BVA Annual Report 2018

Board Dispositions By Representation Page 31

​Appeals Awarded

Attorney  44.61% 

​Agent 38.79%    

State Service Officer 35.17%    

American Legion 34.53%    

Disabled American Veterans  33.70%


​Lodging & Camping in southern Illinois with access to the Shawnee National​

We offer lodging, camping,

​stabling, corral, pasture,

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10 Things You'll Spend More on in Retirement
From reading materials to debt, the demands on your savings during your golden years might surprise you.