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Welcome to the Veterans Legal Help Navigator. This online tool helps veterans' caseworkers and advocates across the country find the right fit legal help for veterans.

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The VA fiduciary program is the most dangerous and corrupt
offering from a dangerous and corrupt system. If VA approaches you about
a fidu appointment,
call a lawyer...quickly!

VA Identifies Additional Beneficiaries in Need of Fiduciary Assistance
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today that an information
technology system that it deployed in 2014 and enhanced in 2015, the Beneficiary
Fiduciary Field System, allowed it to identify claim processing errors
affecting approximately 14,000 Veterans and survivors.  These Veterans’ and
survivors’ claims were initially filed over many years, with some going back
as far as 2000. The errors concern cases in which VA had proposed that
due to disability or age the beneficiary was unable to manage his or her VA
benefits without assistance, but did not complete the action by transferring
it within VA for appointment of a fiduciary. 
These cases represent approximately four percent of such proposals since 2000.

GOP targets veterans gun ban
​The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has reported more than 257,000 former
members of the military who cannot manage their finances to the
FBI’s list of people who are not allowed to own guns,
Republicans claim, even though "it has nothing to do with regulating firearms.”
​The VA is responsible for appointing a fiduciary to help veterans
who it determines cannot manage their own finances, but the agency
is also taking the additional step of reporting these veterans to the
“mental defective” category of the FBI’s background
check system, even if they do not pose a danger to society, the senators allege.​

Veterans Law Attorney

References, Fast Letters and Forms
Fiduciary Federal Regulation (38 CFR, Part 13 - Fiduciary Activities) 
38 USC, Part IV, Chapter 55
38 USC, Part IV, Chapter 61
A Guide for VA Fiduciaries
The Fiduciary - Protecting VA Beneficiaries Web-based Course
“Managing Someone Else’s Money” a publication by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Fiduciary Program Manual (Formerly M21-1MR, Part XI)

Fiduciary Fact Sheet
FL 09-26 Revised Fiduciary Accounting Requirements
FL 09-41 Revised Procedures for Releasing Monthly Benefits with Proposal of Incompetency
FL 10-12 Revised Fiduciary Policies and Procedures
FL 11-37 Procedures and Required Documentation for Fiduciary Selection Decisions, Notices of Disagreement Received Regarding Fiduciary Selection, and Fiduciary Notice of Disagreement Tracking Requirements
FL 12-013 Pre-approval of Single Expenditures by a Fiduciary
FL 12-010 Limitations on Fiduciary Commissions
FL 12-009 Instructing Fiduciaries to Provide Copies of Accountings with Enclosure
FL 14-07 Fiduciary Hub Promulgation Teams
Enclosure A National Fiduciary Hub Organizational Model
Enclosure B Fiduciary Hub Contacts and Jurisdictions
Enclosure C Procedural Table for Veterans Service Center and Pension Management Center Proposed Incompetency Determinations
Enclosure D Procedural Table for Fiduciary Hubs Judicial Determination of Incompetency
Enclosure E Incompetency Hearings, Additional Evidence, and Appeals
Enclosure F Procedural Table for Fiduciary Hub Final Incompetency Determinations
Enclosure G Procedural Table for Fiduciary Hub Retroactive Payment Authorizations
FL 14-11 Follow-up Fiduciary Field Examinations – Streamlined Oversight
Enclosure A Streamlined Oversight – Definitions
Enclosure B Streamlined Oversight Guidelines
Enclosure C State and Territory Resources
Enclosure D1 Cover Letter - Spouse
Enclosure D2 Beneficiary Status Report – Spouse
Enclosure E1 Cover Letter – Fiduciary
Enclosure E2 Beneficiary Status Report - Fiduciary
Enclosure F1 Cover Letter – Beneficiary
Enclosure F2 Cover Letter – Third Party
Enclosure F3 Beneficiary Status Report – Beneficiary/Dependent
Enclosure G1 Cover Letter - Dependent
Enclosure G2 Beneficiary Status Report –Dependent of VHA or Incarcerated Beneficiary
VA Form 21-4706b: Federal Fiduciary Account
VA Form 21-4706c: Court Appointed Fiduciary’s Account
VA Form 21-4718a: Certificate of Balance on Deposit and Authorization to Disclose Financial Records
VA Form 21-526: Veteran's Application For Compensation And/Or Pension
VA Form 21-534: Application For Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, Death Pension and Accrued Benefits by a Surviving Spouse or Child (Including Death Compensation if Applicable)
VA Form 21-686c: Declaration of Status of Dependents
VA Form 21-674b: School Attendance Report
VA Form 21-4138: Statement in Support of Claim
VA Form 21-0510: Eligibility Verification Report (Instructions)
VA Form 21-0512s-1: Old Law and Section 306 Eligibility Verification Report (Surviving Spouse)
VA Form 21-0512V-1: Old Law and Section 306 Eligibility Verification Report (Veteran)
VA Form 21-0513-1:Old Law and Section 306 Verification Report (Children Only)
VA Form 21-0514-1: DIC Parent's Eligibility Verification Report
VA Form 21-0516-1: Improved Pension Eligibility Verification Report (Veteran With No Children)
VA Form 21-0517-1: Improved Pension Eligibility Verification Report (Veteran With Children)
VA Form 21-0518-1: Improved Pension Eligibility Verification Report (Surviving Spouse With No Children)
VA Form 21-0519c-1: Improved Pension Eligibility Verification Report (Child or Children)
VA Form 21-0792: Fiduciary Statement in Support of Appointment
VA Form 21-8416: Medical Expense Report
VA Form 10-10EZ: Application For Health Benefits

Veterans Medical Opinion Doctor

Fiduciary Appointment Questions???

These accredited veterans law attorneys

will answer your questions for free.

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Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney

Jim Strickland is a nationally known advocate for veterans and a member of the 
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Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney

By The Numbers
How This Works-What To Do

1) You receive notice that VA is proposing to appoint a fiduciary.
You are shocked and you do not agree. This is only a proposal, not a decision.
​You have the right to appeal.

2) DON'T PANIC! Sit down and read the letter very carefully.
Read it again. There is valuable information in the letter you received.

Contact A Veterans Law Attorney For Help
3) Complete a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) form. 
4) Mail the form using Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
Do not use anything other than Certified Mail!
5) Do not delay! Don't run around asking everyone what to do.
Don't try to collect statements from anyone like family or friends.
Don't do anything but get the letter in the mail.
6) Once VA gets the NOD form, they will reply to tell you that you can't
file a NOD yet because no decision has been made.
Don't worry about that.  Your NOD has notified them that they have made a mistake.
You are now on record with the disagreement.

7) Wait patiently. After VA receives your NOD they will probably
schedule you for another C & P exam. During this C & P exam you will
be asked about how you manage your finances.
Answer truthfully and completely.

8) You're done. That wasn't hard, was it?

Contact A Veterans Law Attorney For Help

VA will ask to set up a meeting with you in your residence.

This meeting will be with a VA Field Agent (or examiner) who will ask you about your

finances, do background checks on people in your home, perform credit rating checks

and so on. He/she will tell you that as an incompetent veteran you can not have guns

in your house and you will not have the right to purchase firearms.
Ostensibly, the VA field agent will try to determine who in your family may be appointed

as your fiduciary. Many times the agent will find that nobody in your family has a

good enough credit record so he/ she will appoint a  paid fiduciary.
In either case, you will lose control of the money you have earned from VA.

The paid fiduciary will take their cut of the money each month and if you want

any of it, you must go through a complex process of asking for it.
Often, your request for money is ignored or denied.

If you have a fiduciary today and you're unhappy about it or if you have just been

notified that VA is thinking of appointing a fiduciary, you may appeal.

We urge every veteran who is unhappy with their fiduciary

appointment to talk with a veterans law attorney.

The veterans law attorney will provide a free case assessment

and let you know what can be done.

If you're having issues with a fidu appointment

talk with an accredited veterans law attorney today!!!

Far too many veterans get this sort of notice

and then they don't respond appropriately.

This Is Not A Spectator Sport

You Must Act NOW!!!

If the appropriate response doesn't happen in a timely manner, the VA will act on
the proposal and appoint a fiduciary. The fiduciary is then free to act to control the

finances and the result is often a major problem for the veteran. The following will apply to

actions the veteran must take when he/she is first notified that a fiduciary appointment is

being considered. These steps must be done as soon as possible after the letter arrives.

Time spent calling a Congressperson, consulting a VSO and so on is usually time wasted.
Note that all these steps must be conducted in writing. There should be no phone calls

and no emails. Faxes are not a good idea This is a very serious matter and the veteran must

initiate a strong defensive plan of action. Letters must be as brief as possible and

state all the facts. Mailing must be done via USPS Certified Mail with Return Receipt

Requested. When you write to VA you must not display anger or emotion. Ultimately, you must

get involved quickly if you do not believe that appointing a fiduciary for you is warranted.

What to do when the fiduciary letter arrives
Most veterans do not understand the VA fiduciary appointment process. When a letter

arrives telling the veteran he or she is incompetent to handle their VA award money,

it's usually a shock. Very few Veterans Service Officers or advocates within a

Congressional Representatives office are usually of little help.
VA will often try to appoint a fiduciary when the veteran is rated at 100% for a mental

health problem and there will be an award of retroactive pay that is greater than $20,000.00.

There is often no particular reason for the proposal to appoint a fiduciary.
VA should always try to appoint a close family member although that doesn't usually happen.

In any case, whoever is appointed will be required to complete paperwork and clear any

expenditures by the veteran through the VA.
If the appointment of a fiduciary can be avoided, it should be.

The process usually works like this:
(1) The veteran has a C & P exam where the topic of finances is brought up. The examiner may
write a brief note that "Veteran is incompetent to manage his finances." This may or may not
be true. I've observed cases where the veteran said "My wife handles our checkbook"
and that has been interpreted by VA as enough to declare the veteran incompetent.
(2) A letter will arrive that is a "proposal" to begin an investigation and to appoint a fiduciary.
(3) If the veteran does not properly and timely respond to this proposal, an appointment is
made for a VA Field Examiner (or Agent) to come to the veterans home
to discuss the proposal to appoint a fiduciary.
(4) If the Field Examiner does come to the home they will soon after begin to run credit
reports and other background checks to determine whether the spouse,
parent or perhaps a sibling may act as fiduciary.
(5) If no approval is made for a family member, the FE will see that a VA appointed
"professional" fiduciary is appointed. That person may be a banker, lawyer or other
VA approved person and they will then take over the veterans VA money.
The veteran will then have to seek any funds through the appointed fiduciary.

Veterans Administration Fiduciary Appointments

To get notice that the VA is proposing to appoint a fiduciary is

always an unpleasant, unwelcome surprise.
The veteran may or may not need help and guidance with the award money he or

she has earned. The VA fiduciary appointment program is one of the more mismanaged

and poorly understood problems of your VA.

If you disagree with the appointment of a fiduciary in your case, you must act

in your own interests and  you must act right now.
Read this page carefully. Then proceed to act to help yourself.

Fiduciary Appointments
Overall, many of the processes at your VA are badly broken. The fiduciary

appointment system is mismanaged and often abusive to the targeted veteran.
While many veterans do need help to manage their financial affairs, there are a lot

of you who get caught up in the process through a series of errors.

Once you are in this quagmire, it is often very difficult to get out.
In 2011 there was a major decision by the CAVC  that is beginning to help change

things. That's usually called The Freeman Decision and you should read it now.

This is a complex legal document but it will help to to develop your appeal.
In VA terms, a fiduciary is a legal guardian who will manage the money that VA

has awarded to you for your service connected condition(s).
VA may attempt assign a fiduciary to manage your financial affairs if you are determined to

be incompetent to do that for yourself. In theory the VA fiduciary will only have authority to

manage VA funds but if you have other income mixed with the

money from VA, they will often seize it all.

Many veterans aren't aware that they're being examined for incompetence.

During a routine C & P exam the examiner may ask you

"How do the bills get paid around your house?" or a similar question.
There are a lot of us who would innocently reply; "My spouse writes all the checks.

We find it easier to let her do all the banking stuff and she's better at it than I am. It works for us."

To most C & P examiners that means you can not handle your own finances.  

They will make a brief note, "Veteran is not competent to manage his finances."
Once that little remark is in your record, you have a world of

problems coming your way.
You will then be notified that there is a "proposal" to appoint a fiduciary for you.

The first contact may be by mail or by telephone.

Permanent & Total   P & T

What does that mean for you?


The state or quality of lasting or remaining unchanged indefinitely.

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Apply for VA health care, find out how to access services, and manage your health and benefits online.

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Apply for and manage benefits that help you pay for college and training programs.

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Life Insurance
VA provides Veterans, Servicemembers,

and their families with $1.3 trillion in

insurance coverage each year. VA also

offers a variety of life insurance options

Veterans Benefits on Reddit

Military Service Records,

Awards, and Unit Histories: 

A Guide to

Locating Sources


No Form, No Benefit!

VA Form 21-526EZ

Disability Service Connection
Secondary Service Connection

IncreasedDisability Compensation

Temporary Total Disability Rating
 Individual Unemployability
Compensation under

38 U.S.C. 1151
 Special Monthly Compensation
Specially Adapted Housing

Special Home Adaptation

Automobile Allowance

/Adaptive Equipment
Benefits Based on a Veteran's
Seriously Disabled Child

VA Form 21-0958 - NOD
​Notice of Disagreement
VA Form 21-534 EZ
Application for DIC,

Death Pension
Change of Address​

Add Your Dependents

Declaration of Status of Dependents

TDIU Annual

VA Form 4140

Benefits from Other Federal Agencies

A general list of other Federal agencies that

offer benefit programs and resources for

Service members, Veterans, and their families.

Since 2005 This Is The Site VA Reads

When They Want To Learn What They've Been Doing​

Office of Child Support Enforcement
Income Withholding and Medical Support for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions

VA Home Loans and

Housing-Related Assistance
VA Assistance to Veterans Who Are Severely Disabled

​Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities may apply for grants to build an adapted home or install ramps, widen

doors, or make other modifications

to live more independently.

What Additional Benefits
Are YOU Eligible For?

VBA  Derivative Benefits Eligibility​ 
There are additional benefits that you may be eligible for that are based on a favorable decision for a VA benefit and/or based on special circumstances. 
These are known as derivatives.

The Alphabet Soup of

Disability Income:

When you can't work, there are

three programs that can help:

Social Security Disability Insurance,

long-term disability and workers'

comp. You may even qualify for more than one, but that can also cause issues.

RANDOM Drug Screens 

at your VA Clinic...

Legal? Or maybe not?

VA Benefits for Your Child
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers several benefits for the children of veterans: 
(1) Education benefits 
(2) Health care CHAMPVA 
(3) Life insurance

(4) Memorial benefits 

Special Compensation

for Assistance with

Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL)

Special Compensation

for Assistance with Activities

of Daily Living (SCAADL) Calculator 

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