How Federal Marijuana Policy Is Pushing

Veterans into the Black Market
A California group is fighting to end a federal

prohibition that makes it impossible

for veterans to get cannabis through the VA.

How Do You Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?
Information on social security disability benefits

Website Monitoring Tool

Mask Exemption Cards From the ‘Freedom

to Breathe Agency’?

They’re Fake
The group, which is selling the cards online, is not a real government organization, federal officials said.

Applying for Disability Benefits During a Global Pandemic
It can take months or even years to get approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in the best of times. Needless to say, now is not the best of times, however, don’t let that stop you. And don’t put it off.

Military Records DD 214

Veterans Disability Benefits
Learn about types of benefits available to some veterans with disabilities. These include compensation, pensions, and grants for veterans with certain service-connected disabilities as well as pensions for some veterans 65 and older and grants for vets with age-related disabilities

Veteran Disability Claims 

Nexus and IMO Letters

What You Should Know about Disability and Debt

There Are Protections...When it comes to debt collection, disability income enjoys special status.

How To Get Urgent Care For Free

If you have any symptoms


You are authorized urgent care but you must be prepared!

How Divorce, Alimony, and Child Support

Affect Veterans' VA Benefits
VA benefits can be garnished only for spousal
or child support,

and only under certain conditions.

How to file a VA disability claim
Find out how to file a claim for disability compensation

or increased disability compensation.

Types of VA disability claims and when to file
Find out when you can first file a claim for service-connected benefits—and what to do if you want

to request more benefits or have new evidence to

support a claim we denied in the past.

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I owe back child support

Will I still get a stimulus check?

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


VA Health Care Public Health Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

​What you should know
VA is working closely with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal partners,
monitoring an outbreak of Novel Coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

VA Sees a Surge in Veterans Using

Telehealth to Access Healthcare

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, veterans are logging onto the VA Video Connect app more than 120,000 times a week to access care, a 1,000 percent increase in traffic compared to a typical three-month span.

Be a  VA  Volunteer.

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VA  loves  volunteers!

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Dr. David Anaise

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Veterans Law Attorney

Hey Jim:  Spent some time reviewing VA’s Proposed Rule in regards to Characterization of Discharges.  I think they are actually doing a pretty good job at bringing things up to date.  Some might cringe at it, but VA is setting down a standard for behavior for those that want VA benefits and the biggest change I see is them laying out a deliberate time standard for “willful misconduct”—fundamentally, VA proposes two or more incidents within a two year period of service can lead to such a categorization.  Now, for those veterans with an Honorable or General Discharge under Honorable Circumstances, that’s no problem—the strength of the discharge itself provides for eligibility.  For those with an OTH discharge, then the VA determination as to “willful” or “willful and persistent misconduct” comes into play.  So, we face a situation where a veteran may well be denied benefits because of their behavior/acts of immaturity when they served and they then bettered themselves after discharge, but that seems to make sense to me.  In the end, I would hope all veterans can take pride in their service and that they served appropriately.  In cases where service circumstances led to issues, the discharge upgrade route is always available, as is appeal of VA COD determinations for compelling circumstances.  For malingerers, willful disciplinary issues, and the like, I do think those individuals shouldn’t be entitled to receive follow-on benefits.
Best, Drew

Drew Early, Veterans Law Attorney

VA Home Loans

​Guidance for VA home loan borrowers

during COVID-19
Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic

Security (Cares) Act of 2020 Guidance for Borrowers

with VA-guaranteed Home Loans

​Create or update your will fast / 100% free

Make your will with FreeWill today

Healthcare directives, 

proxies, living wills and durable financial power of attorney.

All are free to use.

38 CFR Book C 

Schedule for Rating Disabilities

Owe VA Money??? 

​​Submit A Waiver Request

Untreated Hearing Loss Linked

To Loneliness And Isolation For Seniors

Did you know that hearing loss and tinnitus are the

most commonly rated veterans disabilities? Did you

know that hearing loss and tinnitus can cause

other secondary conditions, particularly mental

health problems like depression and loneliness?

Watchdog says former top VA official steered

$5 million contract to friend

A former top official at the Department of

Veterans Affairs improperly steered a

$5 million contract for leadership development

and training services to a friend's business,​

Education and Training

​Regional Processing Offices
VA has three Regional Processing Offices (RPO)

that handle GI Bill claims. Find your region


Frequently Asked Questions for Student Veterans

40 Stories From Women

About Life in the Military​   

"Not Many Women Get

to Do What I Do"

Who is eligible to get a coronavirus stimulus check?

If you owe child support, you might not get one

Veteran Proud

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed

By All The Pandemic News???

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it right now!

Update and Clarify Regulatory Bars to Benefits 
Based on Character of Discharge

A Proposed Rule by the Veterans Affairs Department on 07/10/2020

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We've been keeping veterans informed of news and events important to them since 2005.
You'll find all you need to file your claim and referrals to professionals who can help you when things don't go well. 
What you won't find here is unending chat or opinions from strangers who like to think of themselves as experts. 
Our goal is to ensure that you are awarded the benefits you earned with your service to our country. 

We're here to help you take charge of your benefits, and that is all.

​​​C&P Service Clinician’s Guide
Scheduled For A C & P???    Filing A Claim?
This is a must read for you!!!​
I've been posting this again and again over the years and it's still one of the best ways

I know to win your case.

Published in 2002 the principles and much of the

verbiage still applies and is in daily use at the VA. 

Combine these principles

with  an IMO  and you win.

Department of Veterans Affairs Fiduciary Appointments

If you have received notice that VA is considering the appointment of a fiduciary that means they believe you are incompetent to manage your own finances. This probably came about because during a C & P exam you were asked some leading questions about your money management skills and you flunked.

If you want to be rid of the VA fiduciary process, you must stop it BEFORE the fidu is appointed. Once the VA has completed the process and the fidu is a reality, the task of getting rid of the fidu becomes almost impossible.

You MUST take immediate action...right now.

Talk with any or all of the lawyers you'll find on this web site for free. They're waiting to hear from you...this is what they do.

Do not delay. If you want to stop the VA from running and maybe ruining your with your attorney today!

Your Health

Urgent Care Centers

One of the most important benefits you have today is

the authorization to use an urgent care center

near to you. But first, you have to

print your paperwork

to take with you. Don't wait until you need this

benefit to prepare for it. Read this now,

print your papers and be prepared!


Do You Need  No Cost  Help Filing

A Claim?

National Association
of County Veterans Service Officers

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How America Lost the War on Covid-19
It wasn’t because of our culture, it was

because of our leadership.

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Training book used for VA

'How To Lie With Statistics'

Office of General Counsel

​Accreditation & Discipline


​Lodging & Camping in southern Illinois with access to the Shawnee National​

We offer lodging, camping,

​stabling, corral, pasture,

access to a hunting lease and

discounts for America's

military veterans!

Just the FAQs

Our active duty military and COVID-19

America's active duty military is suffering.

Some won't recover, others won't fully recover and will be med boarded with lasting disabilities. Some of you will finish your obligation but will face lifelong disabling conditions. Are you ready?

File Your Claim Right Here

Just Do It Yourself!

Welcome to the KnowVA Knowledge Base

Locate information more quickly and efficiently

Web Automated Reference Material System
Compensation and Pension Materials

How do you win your claim or appeal?  The facts speak for themselves!!!

BVA Annual Report 2018 Board Dispositions By Representation Page 31

Appeals Allowed/Awarded  By Attorney  44.61% 

By Agent 38.79%    By State Service Officer 35.17%    By AL  34.53%    By DAV  33.70%
This isn't the complete list, you need to

  click here  to see that.

Your chances of winning an appeal are

better if you are represented by an

accredited veterans law attorney.

Download VA benefit letters
To receive some benefits, Veterans need a letter

proving their status. 

Splitting Up and Splitting Benefits
In the federal retirement world, divorces

can be complicated

Jim Strickland

Florida Veterans

Medical Marijuana Card
Tell the doctor you saw it on VAWatchdog

and ask about veterans discounts!​

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 38 - Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief

​Volume: 1Date: 2019-07-01Original

Date: 2019-07-01Title: PART 17 - MEDICAL

Information regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs

Ignored warnings result in Veterans denied benefits

​VA ended a review process that might have prevented thousands of mistaken denials during pandemic.

PAPER Evidence Records

and Claims All Go Here

​V A Claims Intake Center
PO BOX 4444

53547- 4444
Toll Free Fax:


Just the FAQs

VA & Marijuana​   Random Drug Screens

Veterans Psych Evaluations
 Brett Valette, Ph.D.

Providing Military Veterans Personalized Psychological and Medical Evaluations. Complete the Contact form, and you'll get a personal phone call from us. We listen, and want to know what you are going through. We provide Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Independent Medical Opinions (IMO) and nexus letters for ratings reviews, secondary conditions, medical conditions, discharge upgrades, and many types of denied claims.  We also provide Social Security Disability claim reports.

Some Wounds Can't Be Seen        Contact Us Today

Extra Schedular Rating

​Extra schedular ratings under

38 C.F.R. § 3.321(b)

​How can I get an extra schedular rating?

​To receive an extra schedular rating the veteran

must first show that the veteran’s

conditions result in a disability picture

that is not covered by the schedule of ratings. 

Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Benefits

VA Urgent Care Pharmacy Locations
Find VA-approved urgent care/retail location

pharmacies near a specific

address or ZIP code, or search by VA Facility.

By The Numbers - How This Works-What To Do
1) You receive notice that VA is proposing to appoint a fiduciary.You are shocked and you do not agree. This is only a proposal, not a decision. You have the right to appeal.

2) DON'T PANIC! Sit down and read the letter very carefully. Read it again. There is valuable information in the letter you received.

Contact A Veterans Law Attorney For Help

3) Complete a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) form. 
4) Mail the form using Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Do not use anything other than Certified Mail!

5) Do not delay! Don't run around asking everyone what to do. Don't try to collect statements from anyone like family or friends. Don't do anything but get the letter in the mail.

6) Once VA gets the NOD form, they will reply to tell you that you can't file a NOD yet because no decision has been made. Don't worry about that.  Your NOD has notified them that they have made a mistake.  You are now on record with the disagreement.

7) Wait patiently. After VA receives your NOD they will probably  schedule you for another C & P exam. During this C & P exam you will
be asked about how you manage your finances. Answer truthfully and completely.

8) You're done. That wasn't hard, was it?

Contact A Veterans Law Attorney For Help