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Entitlement to service connection

for bilateral foot disability claimed

as secondary to

carbon tetrachloride exposure.

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Veterans Benefits Administration Reports

​Detailed Claims Data    Status Reports
Reports contain data covering claims inventory, claims
backlog, claims accuracy, and Fully Developed Claims. 

U.S. Code: Title 38


Disability benefits can enhance your independence and help you care for your family
​​Veterans’ Benefits Rating and Rates   Disability Compensation
Veterans who have disabilities, medical conditions or injuries incurred or aggravated during active military service —

no matter when or where they served — may be eligible to receive tax-free monthly benefits.

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Budget Projects Employment Growth

at VA, Agriculture, Other Agencies

​​Some 29,000 of those

positions would be at the VA

Many service members use industrial solvents in regular military tasks

​Benzene   Tetrachloroethylene

(PCE or PERC)   Acetone    Trichloroethylene (TCE)   Xylenes​

​​How to apply for VA health care

Find out if you’re eligible for

VA health care benefits.

C & P Exams unemployability

tdiu benefit

I forgot to tell the examiner some things, ​now what should I do?


Clear & Unmistakable Error

The CUE Claim

Justices to consider scope of “clear and unmistakable error” review of Veterans Affairs decisions.

Jim Strickland is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA disability benefits.

Jim writes extensively about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 
Jim's Mailbag is a regular column featured at  Stateside Legal  where veterans, servicemembers,
and family members can  ask Jim their questions  about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 

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 Julie L. Glover 

Veterans Law Attorney

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Hello...​I'm Jim Strickland. That's me above, at my VA clinic in Savannah, Georgia. I publish the VAWatchdog. The other fellow above is Larry Scott.​ He founded the VAWatchdog in 2005. Larry passed away some years ago from a non-service connected illness.

Crown Memorial Centers - Larry Scott    

About me: I was born in a Navy hospital, the son of a marine who went on to 20 years in his beloved USMC Old Corps and E-9 rank at age 36. I entered the Army from Florida in 1967 knowing Vietnam was my next stop. We can always depend on surprises from our military so I was trained as an operating room technician and sent to the 98th General Hospital in Germany where I served until June of 1970.

I used my 91D20 skills to open a career for myself in civilian health care. I retired in the early 2000s due to service connected conditions...old seemingly minor injuries sustained in a training event got much worse with age and I was forced to take the TDIU benefit and I left the work I enjoyed. Like so many vets out of work, I looked for things to do and met Larry Scott as he was developing the VAWatchdog Dot Org. Larry was a good friend and mentor and when he became terminally ill I promised I'd carry on the VAWatchdog Dot Org in his memory.

And here we are. 

I hope you enjoy what you see here and that you find some value as you research the benefits you earned. Those benefits aren't charity and they aren't a handout...we earn those benefits and if obtaining them takes a bit more effort, so be it. We're here to help you along your journey.

Questions and comments are welcomed and always answered promptly. /s/ Jim​     <jim912@gmail.com>

Remembering Nan Heald

Executive Director of Pine Tree Legal Assistance, 1990 - 2022
Founder and Director of StatesideLegal,

2010 - 2022

My grandfather served during WWI. He died at a VA hospital many years later.

About Veterans Disability Lawyers GloverLuck  - ​ Specializing in Veterans Law
GloverLuck began with one goal in mind — to help our veteran community get the benefits and legal services they deserve. There are other law firms that offer services to veterans as a side business, but at GloverLuck, helping veterans is our only business.

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veterans lawyer attorney VA claims

I was born in a Navy hospital. I grew up in the Old Corps.

My dad retired as an E-9 and never lost touch with his fellow Iwo Jima survivors.

I have walked on the shoulders of giants!

I was once a motorcyclist...I'm too old for that now, sold my last Harley to a cop 5 years ago.

I rode a lot with Patriot Guard Riders I'm proud to say.

That's my Honda CBX as we began the trek through Glacier in about 1979.

Adam R. Luck 

Veterans Law Attorney

Two Marines

My dad, USMC Master Gunny E-9 Retired - passed from Lejeune cancers, and USMC Sgt. Harry Masters, passed from AO NHL.

The photo was taken by me at the  Beaufort, SC National Cemetery.

​We went often to pay respects, particularly to

Ralph H Johnson

Are you an accredited veterans law attorney, a physician or psychologist  who would like to be involved in helping veterans prevail in their disability claims? The VAWatchdog Dot Org reaches thousands of veterans every day and we have a long standing reputation as a reliable resource to refer veterans to the professional help they need. Our advertising rates are competitive and your ROI is assured.

Email Jim  <jim912@gmail.com>  and see how cost effective and easy it is to have your services offered to veterans world-wide.

Bureaucracy is failing Blue Water Vietnam veterans
Sarbacker’s VA application has been pending for almost three years.
If it goes much longer, he’ll have fought the VA longer than he fought the Vietnam War.

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We believe that we strictly comply with all copyright and trademark laws, rules and regulations in accordance with accepted fair use policies. We believe that all photographs and other artwork are in the public domain. If you believe we have violated any of your rights to your work products, please email us immediately.  CONTACT  < jim912@gmail.com>

38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities   tells you the standards you must meet to be awarded a % rating for

a given condition. Below we've selected

a few of the most frequently 

needed sections of   The Schedule

Federal Tort and

Section 1151 Claims
When something goes wrong and

the veteran suffers an injury or

death due to the negligence of

a federal employee, the veteran

or his/her spouse may pursue

claims under the

Federal Tort Claims Act


Military Health

History Pocket Card

Did you see combat, enemy fire,

or casualties? Were you or a buddy wounded, injured or hospitalized?​ 

Do you have a claim pending for illness or injury related to your military service?

​Do you have a service-connected condition?

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A veteran is entitled to disability compensation if he or she were

(1) discharged or released from the military under conditions other than dishonorable,

(2) their disease or injury was incurred or aggravated in the line of duty, and

(3) the disease or injury was not the result of the their own willful misconduct

or abuse of drugs.

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