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George F. Woodruff

Soldier – Sailor – Author – Patriot

As a solid member of “The Greatest Generation”, George has served in two wars in two different

branches of the service; U. S. Navy in World

War II and U.S. Army in the Korean War.​ 

In May 2014, George became a resident

of the Trinka Davis Veteran’s Community

Center in Carrollton GA. This book tells of

his journey through this amazing VA

facility and will remain here until….

Just Before Taps

Appeals board reverses another VA executive’s punishment

An appeals board has handed the Department of Veterans Affairs a third

straight reversal in a high-profile executive malfeasance case, this

time voiding the dismissal of the embattled director

of the Albany-Stratton VA Medical Center in New York.

Rep. Martha Roby’s VA bill set to pass House

​The Veterans Affairs Department would publicly identify which VA

hospitals are struggling and would deploy teams of specialists to

turn them around, under legislation by Rep. Martha

Roby that's expected to pass the House Tuesday night.

Tomah VA staffer under investigation

Authorities are investigating a report of inappropriate behavior by another

employee at the beleaguered Tomah VA Medical Center.
In an email sent to all employees Jan. 22, Acting Director Victoria

Brahm said a hospital employee had reported “being a

victim of inappropriate contact by another employee”

and that the Tomah VA police were investigating.

Deported Vets
Honorably-discharged veterans of the U.S. military have,

under certain circumstances, either received deportation orders or been deported.

Prostate Cancer: A Patient's Journey
Surgery, cryoblation, or radiation? Not so fast

Veterans Affairs again denies Agent Orange benefits to Navy vets

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has once again turned

down an effort by Navy veterans to get compensation

for possible exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Yet another blow to VA's already questionable credibility

Official's combative tone raises questions about

whether two managers will be held accountable. 

Indeed, heads need to roll

​Congratulations to U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn and U.S. Sens. Cory

Gardner and Michael Bennet for demanding answers

and expressing outrage in response to revelations federal

employees at the Colorado Springs Veterans Affairs clinic

falsified records to appear they were giving veterans timely services they have earned.

Colorado vets faced extreme wait times,

denied care, after VA staffers fudged records

Employees at a Colorado Springs VA clinic incorrectly reported wait times

for veterans, making it appear that they got their appointments sooner

than they actually did, while at least 288 veterans had to wait longer

than the government’s 30-day target for an

appointment, a federal watchdog said Thursday. 

Have you received a letter from VA with an 

IRS Form 1095-B, “Health Coverage” ?

You, VA and the Internal Revenue Service

The Affordable Care Act requires most U.S.

taxpayers to declare they have minimum

essential health coverage on their federal tax form.   

In December, VA will begin a mailed letter

effort to notify all enrollees and beneficiaries

of their VA health care coverage

period in 2015.  Included with the letter will

be IRS Form 1095-B, “Health Coverage”,

detailing VA health care coverage in 2015. 

Veterans and beneficiaries should

use this form to complete

the 2015 income tax forms.  The law also

requires VA to provide this information

to the Internal Revenue Service. 

Mailings are expected

to be completed by the end of January 2016.

For more information about this new

requirement, visit

Here's how to replace military

service records and awards

Army veterans and retirees who served on

active duty or in the reserves and their

family members are eligible to receive a variety of service-related documents for free.

It's just a matter of knowing how.

Once Again, the VA Turns Down Navy

Vets for Agent Orange Benefits
A federal court had ordered the VA to reassess its policy denying Agent Orange

benefits to Navy sailors who served in the Vietnam War.

The VA’s conclusion: They still don’t qualify.

VA Refutes WWII Veteran’s Service And Denies Benefits.

Where’s Donald Trump And The $6 Million He Raised?

A day with VA suicide prevention team

A recent day on the Veteran Affairs suicide prevention team brought two

questions: Will a welfare check at a veteran’s house be a

waste of time or a just-in-time intervention that might save a life?

VA Leader Vows Penalty for Officials Accused in Job Scam

The deputy secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs says he still

intends to punish two senior officials accused of

manipulating the agency's hiring system for their own gain.

​Shasta County man pleads guilty to defrauding the VA

​John Cal Howe II, 42, of Lakehead, pleaded guilty Monday to 23

misdemeanor counts in a scheme to obtain thousands of

dollars in veterans’ benefits to which he was not entitled

Care and Benefits for Veterans Strengthened by $182 Billion VA Budget

The Appeals System is Broken
400,000 Veterans have appeals pending   80,000 Veterans have appeals older than 5 years
5,000 Veterans have appeals older than 10 years   5 years will be spent resolving a typical appeal

The Budget  for Appeals Reform
The current appeals process is complicated and ineffective, and Veterans

on average are waiting about 5 years for a final decision on an appeal that

reaches the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, with thousands waiting much

longer.  The 2017 Budget proposes a Simplified Appeals initiative – legislation

and resources – to provide Veterans with a simple, fair, and streamlined appeals

process in which they would receive a final appeals decision within one year from

filing an appeal by 2021.  The Budget requests $156 million and 922 FTE for the

Board, an increase of $46 million and 242 FTE over 2016, as a

down payment on a long-term, sustainable plan to improve services to Veterans.

​A Third VA Executive Gets Off Without

Being Fired After Appeals Process

A third executive at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has won her appeal

after being removed from her position in December

for failing to ensure that patients received safe care.

Senator Presses VA On Failure To Help

Vets Exposed To Mustard Gas

​Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., had strong words for Department of

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald on Thursday regarding

the VA's failure to compensate thousands of World

War II veterans who were exposed to mustard gas.

Shasta County Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the VA

by Falsely Claiming He Was a Decorated Veteran

John Cal Howe II, 42, of Lakehead, pleaded guilty today to 23

misdemeanor counts in a scheme to obtain thousands of

dollars in veterans’ benefits to which he was not entitled,

United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced.

VA health system faces significant challenges, studies find
Demand for VA services will increase through end of decade


Alleged Mismanagement of Group Therapy

Access at VA Outpatient Clinic Austin, TX

In July 2014, a VA employee contacted the VA OIG’s Hotline alleging

195 veterans were waiting to get into a specific mental

health group therapy session at the Austin Outpatient Clinic (AOPC). 

Colorado Springs clinic 'lied and heads need to roll'

Workers at the Colorado Springs Department of Veterans Affairs clinic gave

delayed care to hundreds of veterans and in some cases falsified

records to make the situation appear better than

it was, a report from the VA's internal watchdog found.

Care and Benefits for Veterans

Strengthened by $182 Billion VA Budget

In his FY 2017 budget, President Obama is proposing $182.3 billion for the

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Funding will continue to support the

largest transformation in VA history; expand access to timely,

high-quality health care and benefits; and advance

efforts to end homelessness among Veterans. 

The Veterans

Appeals Experience

The System is Broken 


Veterans have appeals pending


Veterans have appeals older than 5 years 


Veterans have appeals older than 10 years 

5 years

will be spent resolving a typical appeal 

There is no end in sight.

Veterans Law Library

​A Comprehensive Collection of Materials

Relating to the Veterans Benefits

Adjudication Process

U.S. Medicine

a monthly publication that serves healthcare professionals working in the Department

of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense

and U.S. Public Health Service.

Veterans Benefits Administration

Fact Sheets

Answer questions to find out which

benefits you may be able to receive

Above are the executives who control the Department of Veterans Affairs,

the Veterans Health Administration, the Veterans Benefits

Administration and your VA benefits and your health care.

Dr. Brett Valette provides Military Veterans with psychological

Independent Medical Evaluation, Independent Medical Opinions,

Nexus Letters and Ratings Reviews. For more information visit

Presidential Memorial Certificates

A Presidential Memorial Certificate (PMC) is a

gold-embossed paper certificate bearing the

official signature of the current President of

the United States and honors the memory

of deceased, honorably discharged Veterans.

Veteran & Dependent Burial

in VA National Cemeteries

The National Cemetery Administration honors

Veterans and their families with final resting

places and lasting memorials that

commemorate their service to our nation.


Where Do I Submit ALL Paperwork?

(Either of these centers will

work if you're unsure)

The VA Claims Intake Center

Western Region

Department of Veterans Affairs

PO Box 5235
Janesville, WI  53547-5235
Toll Free FAX Janesville – 844-822-5246

The VA Claims Intake Center

Eastern Region
Department of Veterans Affairs

PO Box 5235
Newnan, GA   30271-0020
Toll Free FAX Newnan – 844-531-7818

VA’s Choice Program Still Obviously A Failed Joke

​GOP Sen. Mark Kirk called the Department of Veterans

Affairs’ (VA) attempt to allow veterans access to care

outside the agency an abysmal failure on Friday.

Federal appeals court grants new chance

for military widow in VA lawsuit

The case of a military widow whose husband committed suicide after the

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs misdiagnosed his post-traumatic

stress disorder is testing Tennessee's stringent medical

malpractice laws and highlighting what a federal

judge called the laws' "seemingly unfair" results.

VA Choice program frustrates vets needing care

“It’s the opposite of what it was intended to do,” West said. “You’re on

hold for 45 minutes when you call. A lot of veterans have

prepaid plans and can’t wait 45 minutes on the phone.”

​Former Albany VA director wins appeal, but won’t be back

“I do not intend to return the director of the Albany Stratton VA

Medical Center to any position, in Albany or elsewhere,

where she would be responsible for patient care or safety,” Gibson said.


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After Scandals, VA Proposes Boost to Inspector General Staff

The Veterans Affairs Department is seeking to grow its investigating

arm next year by more than 100 people.

Vietnam vet living in Cuba sues VA to get benefits

​Macias' family is suing the U.S. government seeking to reinstate the

pension. They say President Obama's loosening of the embargo

offers the ailing 75-year-old a final chance to regain his benefits

and win the recognition of the military service

that his adopted country has denied him for 35 years.

VA policy expires, but its doctors still can't

talk about medical pot to patients

​Nevada veterans hoping finally to talk frankly with their VA physicians

about using marijuana as part of their medical treatment still

cannot do so even though a federal policy that critics

claim blocks such honest doctor-patient discussions expired Jan. 31.

A Single Concussion May Triple the Long-Term Risk of Suicide
A new study of mild concussions in Canadian adults

suggests the risks are even higher for recreational injuries

Veteran stuck with giant bill that VA won't pay

Brown was sent by ambulance to Nebraska Medicine and stayed several

days of treatment. He said he racked up a $15,000 bill. Shortly after he

was discharged, Brown got a phone call from the VA asking him to

attend a meeting with his VA doctors. “They had made an

error with my heart monitor results. They had confused them with another patient,”