Above are the executives who control the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Veterans Health Administration, the Veterans Benefits Administration, your VA benefits and your health care.

From the Desk of Drew Early
Veterans Law Attorney

More VA shenanigans (above) — bad enough Janesville is up to like 12

different PO boxes, now BVA is jumping in with their own

PO Box drill for appeals–related correspondence.
HTH can some beat up old retired vet or widowed spouse who doesn’t

read the Federal Register in the 1st place keep up with where

to send what?  No, it “increases the efficiency of mail processing….”   

Oh really?  Is that why the Christmas cards I sent the local

Appeals Coaches and DROs at VARO Atlanta actually got to

them in March?  Yes, true story. Grr, I’m getting grumpy again.

/s/ Drew

The VA has been shredding
documents related

to veterans' claims!

Are YOUR Documents


Do You Believe That VA May

Have Destroyed
Your Files Or Important Documents?

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veterans law attorney today!

​IG Report:

VA Has Been

Shredding Documents
Needed for Veterans' Claims

The Data Dump

Vital Links to

Support Your Claim

Veterans Law Library

​A Comprehensive Collection

of  Materials Relating to the

Veterans Benefits

Adjudication Process

U.S. Medicine

A monthly publication that

serves healthcare professionals

working in the Department

of Veterans Affairs, Department of

Defense and U.S.

Public Health Service.

Veterans Benefits


Fact Sheets


Answer questions to find out which

benefits you may be able to receive

The M21-1MR

Every Benefit - Every Detail



Even More Benefits & Details

Bilateral Factor
CFR › Title 38 › Chapter I ›
Part 4 › Subpart A › Section 4.26

M21-1, Part IV, Subpart ii,
Chapter 2, Section F -
Compensation Based on
Individual Unemployability (IU)

M21-1, Part IV, Subpart ii,
Chapter 2, Section H -
Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)

M21-1, Part III, Subpart iv,
Chapter 8, Section D -
Reductions in Awards

M21-1, Part I, Chapter 5,
Section B - Notice of
Disagreement (NOD)

From the Desk of Drew Early

Veterans Law Attorney

The document above is significant.  VA typically discounts Parkinsonism or

Parkinsons-like conditions as it relates to Agent Orange; this new study

(although dated as of 2014, but actually released as a final study 2 months ago),

finds “NO RATIONAL BASIS for excluding Parkinsons-like symptoms

from the service-connected category denoted as Parkinson’s.”

Those are pretty strong words to find in a NAS report. 

I suggest veterans suffering from Parkinson’s-related conditions

strongly consider making an application for benefits

if they have not already done so or were previously unsuccessful.

/s/ Drew

Parkinsonism Wiki

Military separation pay

impact on VA compensation

Under federal law, until veterans

pay back their involuntary separation

pay, they can have their

VA disability

compensation withheld.

George F. Woodruff

Soldier – Sailor –

Author – Patriot

As a solid member of “The Greatest Generation”, George has served in two wars in two different branches of the service; U. S. Navy in World

War II and U.S. Army in the Korean

War.In May 2014, George became a resident of the Trinka Davis Veteran’s Community Center in Carrollton, GA. This book tells of his journey

through this amazing VA

facility and will remain here until….

Just Before Taps

Army veteran says she can't get the VA to pay

for treatment related to disability
For Army veteran Anna Harper a mix up on the VA's part nearly

cost her her good credit. Getting the VA to pay takes a year.

VA Secretary Faces Merciless Bipartisan

Backlash Following Disney Comments

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald has received brutal criticism

from both ends of the political spectrum after he compared the wait

times at VA hospitals to wait times for rides at Disneyland.

Disney Fires Back After VA Secretary Compares Wait

Lines for Veterans to Theme Park Rides

A Disney Theme Parks spokesperson responded by phone to deny this claim:
“We take wait times very seriously. We continually push the boundaries to give

our guests the best experience possible. A large team of highly trained

industrial engineers are tasked with improving our guest’s experiences, 

from transportation, to guest flow, to ride comfort and certainly wait times.

After Disney’s reaction, it seems the VA will continue

to remain the least happy place on earth.

Moving On in Vietnam, but Remembering Its Lessons

AS President Obama visits Vietnam, we are struck by the fact that most

citizens of both countries have no living memory of a conflict that claimed

the lives of more than 58,000 Americans and upward of a million Vietnamese.

What The New York Times Gets Wrong About PTSD
Occurrences are also much more likely in those who survive non-combat

traumas, which include sexual assault (30–80 percent of survivors develop

PTSD), nonsexual assault (23–39 percent develop it), disasters

(30–40 percent) and car crashes (25–33 percent), among

other causes. Veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and

Iraq have just a 20 percent occurrence of PTSD.

The Lingering Health Effects of Agent Orange

Veterans are still suffering from the illnesses caused by the toxic herbicide

used during the Vietnam War. They want to know why the VA doesn’t offer more help.

Hillary Clinton’s Camp Set Up ‘Veterans Against Trump’ Protest

It was a perfect opportunity to hold the presumptive GOP nominee’s

feet to the fire for his broken promise to raise $6 million for vets.

But this was no spontaneous protest.

Prescriptions for opioids decline amid epidemic

In the United States, nearly 30,000 deaths a year can be attributed to the

abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers.  Opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin,

Percocet and Methadone.  This epidemic in part was due to the surge in

prescriptions being written over the last two decades.
However, a new analysis reveals that for each of the last three

years, prescriptions are being written for opioids decline.

Tri-State Area Veterans To Donald Trump:

Where’s The Money?

Trump Shows How Much He Really Cares About Veterans

Veterans Group Calls Out Trump For Overstating Donations

The Vietnam War Is Still Killing People

On Saturday, President Obama will set out on a trip to Vietnam.

On the same day, a funeral will be held in Quang Tri

province for a man named Ngo Thien Khiet.

Letter to VA Urges Investigation of South Jersey

Community Based Outpatient Clinics

Earlier this month, following Mr. Ingram’s death and allegations of neglect

and misconduct by the Wilmington VA Medical Center, Sens. Booker

and Menendez and Rep. LoBiondo called for suspending

the Wilmington VA’s oversight of South Jersey CBOCs.

Republicans: VA failing on prescribing and oversight of drugs

Republicans on a congressional subcommittee on Friday excoriated

the Veterans Administration's prescribing patterns and

oversight of controlled substances during a hearing in Denver.

Dr. Brett Valette provides Military Veterans with psychological

Independent Medical Evaluation, Independent Medical Opinions,

Nexus Letters and Ratings Reviews. For more information visit


Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs

Statement from VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald

On Monday, I made some remarks on how we’re working to improve

Veterans' satisfaction with the care they receive from VA. It was never my intention

to suggest that I don't take our mission of serving Veterans very seriously. 

In fact, improving access to care is my number one priority

and the priority I have set for the entire department. 

Continue Reading the Statement

House Passes Bills Impacting Veterans and VA

The House of Representatives has passed several bills that would impact

veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

These bills will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

Blunt says VA Secretary McDonald

should resign over 'Disney' remarks

Sen. Roy Blunt on Tuesday called for the resignation of Veterans

Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald after McDonald

compared wait lines at VA hospitals with those at Disney theme parks.
Blunt said McDonald’s “preposterous statement is right out of Never Never Land.”

Honor the Fallen and Remember the Brave This Memorial Day

At One of 4 National Parks

This year, honor those brave men and women by exploring the country’s national parks,

many of which are home to preserved historic sites, monuments, and

memorials dedicated to celebrating our military history.

We invite you to

experience the history woven into national parks across the

nation as we highlight these four iconic parks.

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Veterans Affairs Processes Only 66% of Claims in 30 Days

The results illustrate that Veterans Affairs completed only 66 percent of

medical claims in 30 days or less, which is the agency's

required time frame for processing billing.

VA finds inadequate hospital treatment

of Colorado veteran who died
A well-known veteran in Grand Junction received inadequate treatment

at the local Department of Veterans Affairs hospital before he

died, the agency's inspector general found.

Despite $10B 'Fix,' Veterans Are Waiting
Even Longer To See Doctors

Many veterans are still waiting to see a doctor.
Two years ago, vets were waiting a long time for care at Veterans Affairs clinics
across the country. At one facility in Phoenix, for example, veterans waited an
average of 115 days for an appointment. Adding insult to injury, some VA schedulers
were told to falsify data to make it look like the waits weren't that bad.

Veteran’s mom upset by Yuma VA Clinic’s treatment

An active, young veteran seemingly healthy lost his life after a week of getting

diagnosed with a fatal disease. Now the decorated veteran’s mother is

upset not just by his sudden death, but the treatment a

Yuma VA Clinic she says neglected to provide.

VHA Pain Management
Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI)

The VHA recognizes the clinical challenges to successfully managing pain
and prescribing safely for our Veterans while implementing the Opioid
Safety Initiative (OSI) Directive and the Informed Consent Directive.

For military widows, the law protecting their

benefits discourages finding love again

After her husband was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in 2012,

Heather Gray never imagined that the biggest obstacle to falling

in love again would be financial penalties from the government.

DAVIS Relief Carvings

Custom carvings by a veteran.

I do military themes, sports logos, business logos,

Bible boxes, occasional canes and much more.

These make great gifts!

I ordered the Big Red One you see above

as a gift.  First class work and service!

/s/ Jim Strickland

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for

remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

My father died on Memorial Day 2010. WWII veteran MGySgt. (E-9) Roy L. Strickland,

USMC, Ret. (1925-2010) was a survivor of one of the bloodiest battles

of the war, the invasion of Iwo Jima. Thousands

of marines and tens of thousands of enemy soldiers died that week.
Dad received his first Purple Heart on February 19th,

1945 for shrapnel wounds he received in the fighting.
"Among those who fought at the battle of Iwo Jima,

uncommon valor was a common virtue."
Some years ago the Navy named a battleship after the island of Iwo Jima in

memory of all those who died there. The USS Iwo Jima is now in

Mayport, FL about an hour from me.
My dad was on the USS Iwo Jima on an inaugural launch in 2001.

He was there with other Iwo Jima survivors and WWII veterans.
This coming Friday I've been honored with an invitation to come to

Mayport Naval Station and walk aboard the USS Iwo Jima just as my father

did. They're flying a flag in his honor over the ship that day and will present it to me.
To make this even better I'm taking along my best 5 year old buddy, grandson

Clark Allen, and my good friend and Vietnam combat veteran

Bobby VanBrackle and his grandson Austin will be along with us.
I'm allowed a camera on board the ship so you can bet you'll see some pictures.

This will be one helluva Memorial Day for me.

We hope you have a peaceful and reflective Memorial Day.

You can help an end-of-life veteran by

giving to the only group I trust here.

/s/ Jim Strickland


VA Forms

​Search VA Forms

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it may not exist

The BASH Bulletin

The Appeals Process

Craig Bash M.D.

The Veterans Medical Advisor

The VA secretary recently sent this to me for all veterans if their claims

were denied: When a claim is denied and the veteran disagrees

with that denial, there are the following options:
* The veteran may appeal. To start the appeal process, the veteran must

complete and submit VA Form 21-0958, Notice of Disagreement.

Submit via  fax to VA's Evidence Intake Center at the

Toll Free Fax: 844-822-5246
* or mail to Evidence Intake Center at –
Department of Veterans Affairs Claims Intake Center

PO Box 5235 Janesville, WI 53547-5235
* The veteran may request reconsideration of the claim.

File online at eBenefits, or complete and submit VA Form 21-526EZ,

Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation

Benefits, via faxing or mailing to the Evidence Intake Center as

described above. As needed, include a statement to describe,

for example, what evidence you believe was missed or

misinterpreted, or to describe the clear & unmistakable error you believe VA made.
* The veteran may submit a new claim. File online at

or complete and submit VA Form 21-526EZ, Application for

Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits,

via faxing or mailing to the Evidence Intake Center as described above.

(If you mail, use Certified Mail.)
* FYI remember VA has a new policy of “No Form No Benefit” (NFNB)

so please do your forms as carefully as possible and use an

administrative accredited agent and use an experienced physician

for SMC & DBQ forms for a maximally correct VA medical diagnostic code...and rating!

/S/ Craig Bash M.D. Associate Professor
EMAIL <drbash@doctor.com>
Cell Phone  240-506-1556

Were you improperly denied

entitlement to reimbursement of 
medical expenses incurred for emergency medical services?

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Veterans Affairs Improperly Rejected Vets'

Emergency Medical Reimbursements




VA Form 21-0966 - Intent To File A Claim

VA Form 21-526EZ -  File A Claim

Disability Service Connection

Secondary Service Connection-Increased

Disability Compensation-Temporary

Total Disability Rating -

 Individual Unemployability -

Compensation under 38 U.S.C. 1151 -

 Special Monthly Compensation -

Specially Adapted Housing/Special

Home Adaptation Automobile 

Allowance/Adaptive Equipment -

Benefits Based on a Veteran's

Seriously Disabled Child

VA Form 21-0958 - NOD

​Notice of Disagreement

The first step to appeal

VA Form 21-534 EZ

Application for DIC, Death Pension

Change of Address

TDIU Annual - VA Form 4140

VA form 21-686c

Declaration of Status of Dependents

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Put down your gun
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The battlefield has changed.


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