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VA report fails to build confidence

​New reports published earlier this month show the Fort Collins Veterans

Affairs office blamed its scheduling problems on a single

manager in the business office who is no longer with the clinic.

New VA Medical Center now two-thirds complete,

finish date targeted for January 2018

"The current appropriation for the project is $1.675 billion," Streckfuss said.

"That funding will allow us to finish this project,

currently targeting completion in January of 2018."


I have clarified my statement, and will be formally responding to the

Committee, but it is equally important to me that I provide the facts and set

the record straight for our Veterans, employees and the general public who

entrust us with the care of the Nation’s Veterans and who

expect us to be open and honest with them.  

Roe on VA wait times: 'I am disgusted by these findings'

The federal government is trying to improve healthcare access

for veterans who are new to the system, but one local congressman isn’t satisfied.

​IG Report: VA Has Been Shredding Documents

Needed for Veterans' Claims

​Department of Veterans Affairs investigators conducted spot checks at 10

veterans benefits offices around the country and came to a disturbing

conclusion: The VA has been systemically shredding

documents related to veterans' claims -- some potentially affecting their benefits.

VA - OIG Review of Claims-Related Documents Pending

Destruction at VA Regional Offices 2016

In August 2015, we made recommendations to the Los Angeles VARO Director and

published the interim report on August 17, 2015. We then conducted unannounced

random inspections at 10 other VAROs, to determine if this was a systemic issue.

We focused this review on the improper destruction of veterans’ claims

related documents at those 10 VAROs. We found VBA’s controls were not

effective to prevent VARO staff from potentially destroying claims related

documents. We identified 69 of 155 claims related documents improperly

scheduled for destruction, which staff at 6 of the 10 VAROs had not properly

associated with veterans’ claims folders. Two of these documents affected

benefits, 9 had the potential to affect benefits, and 58 did not affect benefits,

but were still required to be included in the veterans’ claims folders

or VBA’s electronic systems and could have been destroyed thereafter.​​

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Tomah VA to share status of goals of 100 Day plan

The 100-Day plan was announced last November and set goals for the

clinic to have all medical and nursing staff CPR and defibrillator

trained and improve veteran clinic access, among other things.

GAO’s veteran wait time reports differ vastly from VA’s

The Veterans Affairs Department says it’s made progress in slashing wait

times for an appointment at a VA medical center. Nearly 97 percent of veterans

received an appointment within 30 days, the VA said earlier this month.

But a new study from the Government Accountability Office paints a vastly different picture.

After a two-year wait, VA gets a new top watchdog

Senators confirmed Michael Missal to be the new inspector general for the

Department of Veterans Affairs late Tuesday, giving the

embattled agency a top watchdog for the first time in 28 months.

GAO Report: VA is Still Manipulating Wait

Times For Veterans Needing Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs has not done enough to prevent schedulers

from manipulating appointment wait times, and wait-time data remains

misleading and underestimates how long veterans wait for care,

according to a nonpartisan watchdog report released Monday.

Here's how to replace military

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From the Desk of

Drew Early

Veterans Law Attorney

Veterans Justice Group et al v. Secretary of Veterans Affairs,

2015-7021, 7025, and 7061, (CAVC, April 7, 2016)  .

Multiple petitioners including the named petitioner, NOVA, American Legion,

AMVETs, VVA, Order of the Purple Heart, and NVLSP brought the action against

VA.  I will tell you that some of the finest veterans law attorneys in the

Nation represented the petitioners and this is an important case.
At first glance, the case was about what can VA do in regards to requiring claimants

to use standardized forms.  One might think, so what?  The real heart of the

matter gets to VA’s authority to dictate the rules that a veteran follows.  Bear in

mind that a fundamental concept of veterans benefits has always been to have

a process “that is veterans-friendly and informal”.  Petitioners argued that

VA changes cut into that guiding principle; VA countered that they

need to move to standardized forms in order to be more efficient.
Ultimately, the Court found for VA, citing the standardized form rule was

reasonable and not arbitrary or capricious.  Because of that, the Court

said VA had the authority to do what it did—that’s the ruling in a  nutshell.
Now, I will add my view.  We all agree the Agency has a hard job—that’s why it

is the 2nd largest Cabinet agency in the Federal gov’t.  We can all agree that

the Agency has struggled with certain measures of performance and efficiency,

and continues to do so, given the unparalleled number of appeals it faces. 

So, things that make the Agency work better, faster, more efficiently

will typically be supportable in a generic sense.
We can also agree that the veterans benefits system is intended to be as “informal

and non-adversarial as possible”, citing to a famous

US Supreme Court case from 1985.
The tension arises when we look at individual claimants who don’t

understand the myriad rules and regulations promulgated by such a large

agency.  This evening, I am helping a 86 year old widow develop her

claim for DIC.  I am doing so because she’s a neighbor, can’t drive to the

VARO or a VSO, can’t file electronically, and simply doesn’t know how to proceed. 

I am doing so, as well, knowing I can’t be paid for doing this for her and that the

VA is funded to do the very thing I am doing for her—but the Agency doesn’t make

housecalls, no longer accepts informal claims, and is not making themselves

available to the widow of a Korean War artilleryman who was 80% service

connected at time of death and was debilitated.  She doesn’t know

what forms to use, how to get the forms, or how to fill them out—

isn’t that kind of the VA’s mission?
I think we have to balance the Agency’s authority against the needs of the

veterans community—that’s why you saw absolute legal aces like Doug

Rosinski, Ken Carpenter, Tom Reed, and Bart Stichman bringing the

case to the Court.  Their names may not mean anything to you—if not,

that’s a shame and you should look them up and see all they

and their peers have accomplished for veterans to this point.

/S/ D
rew Early, Esq


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George F. Woodruff

Soldier – Sailor – Author – Patriot

As a solid member of “The Greatest Generation”, George has served in two wars in two different

branches of the service; U. S. Navy in World

War II and U.S. Army in the Korean War.​ 

In May 2014, George became a resident

of the Trinka Davis Veteran’s Community

Center in Carrollton GA. This book tells of

his journey through this amazing VA

facility and will remain here until….

Just Before Taps

VA wait times falsified while veteran suicides climb

USA Today reported recently that “Employees at 40 VA medical facilities

in 19 states and Puerto Rico regularly ‘zeroed out’ veteran wait times.”

The right’s campaign to privatize VA care reaches a new level

It’s important to remember, though, that GOP proposals are part of a broader

ideological campaign. In their latest issue, my friends at the Washington

Monthly published a fascinating investigative report on the effort to

privatize the VA launched by Concerned Veterans for America (CVA),

a conservative outfit that’s received support from the Kochs’ operation.

Warner Chilcott Sentenced to Pay $125 Million

for Health Care Fraud Scheme

“VA spends billions of dollars on medical care, so pursuing health care fraud

investigations with our Federal law enforcement partners is a priority for VA OIG,”

said Jeffrey G. Hughes, Special Agent in Charge, Department of

Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General.  “The importance of pharmaceutical

cases such as this one is magnified because VA civil damages are

returned to the VA’s Pharmaceutical Supply Fund for the

direct benefit of our Nation’s veterans.”

Congressman's staff helps veterans cut through VA red tape

There are so many boxes and stacks of files in Bob Becker’s office, it's

hard to step inside. Becker has a carefully cleared

patch from the door to his desk chair.

Veterans Affairs Improperly Rejected Vets'

Emergency Medical Reimbursements

The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims recently held that the Department

of Veterans Affairs had been using an invalid regulation since 2009 to deny

reimbursement to veterans for emergency medical costs incurred

outside of the V.A. health care system.




On Appeal from the Board of Veterans' Appeals (Decided April 8, 2016)

VETERANS: If you believe you were improperly denied entitlement to reimbursement of

medical expenses incurred for emergency medical services provided

at non-VA medical facilities from December 27, 2010, through December 31, 2011

​VETERANS: If you believe you were improperly denied entitlement to reimbursement of 
medical expenses incurred for emergency medical services provided 
at non-VA medical facilities from December 27, 2010, through December 31, 2011

you need to speak with a veterans law attorney today!

Many Tricare Users to Pay Enrollment Fee

under Congressional Proposal

Many Tricare users would face annual enrollment fees in a newly

named plan under a draft proposal released Monday

by the House Armed Services Committee.

This Group And Its Law Firm Keeps Bad Apples In

Government, Making Big Money In The Process
The Senior Executives Association (SEA) represents members of the federal

Senior Executive Service (SES), the highest-ranked career

managers who are paid between $150,200 and $205,700 annually.

Veterans seek change from VA clinics, hospitals

It's these reoccurring problems that have veterans and lawmakers fed up and fired up.

Consumer group files ethics complaint against Portland VA

A spokesman for Veterans Affairs in Portland declined to comment.

He referred questions to Veterans Affairs in

Washington, D.C., which did not immediately comment.

VA agrees workers can engage in armed

robberies if it’s on their own time

While this tale sounds like something out of an episode of Seinfeld, it’s not only

true, but became even more twisted when the uncomfortable

subject came up during some hearings in Congress.

Birmingham VA pledges help to Vietnam veteran

His family said he served his country proudly, but couldn’t get

the help he needed at the Birmingham VA hospital.

Jenkins wants investigation into VA's actions

after complaints of sexual battery

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins is asking the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for

a full investigation into how a VA physicians assistant

was able to keep working after complaints of sexual battery.

Report: VA Shred Thousands of Documents Needed to

Process Healthcare Claims For Waiting Veterans

Despite scandal and national embarrassment after thousands of vets died

while waiting for healthcare, the Veterans Affairs Administration isn't improving.

Wait times are longer now than they were two years ago and according

to a new Inspector General report, VA workers have potentially shredded

hundreds, maybe thousands, of pages needed to treat and fulfill

benefits to veterans who have made healthcare claims.

Special interest groups want to privatize the VA

and nobody is paying attention

Should America’s veterans receive health care at hospitals and clinics run by

the federal government, as they have for more than a century?

Or should they be treated by private doctors and hospitals,

with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) picking up the tab?

Administration should competitively hire

next VA secretary, McDonald says

The Veterans Affairs Department is in a race against the clock.
With roughly nine months until Inauguration Day, VA leadership

is trying to implement a major transformation to the way it delivers

health care and interacts with veterans and its own employees.

Physician Shortage Drives Wait Times At VA San Diego

The VA San Diego is trying to cope with the longest wait times

for patients seeking mental health care of any Veterans Affairs office in the country.
For one physician, it feels like the problem has been getting worse.

Documents found in shredder after Nevada

veteran’s family denied burial benefits

A new inspector general’s report says the VA Reno Veterans Benefits

Administration Office inappropriately put claims-related documents in

shred bins, affecting burial expenses that one veteran’s family was entitled to.

In another incident, IG staff found three medical documents were destined

to be shredded without proper signatures. “Had we not discovered these

claims-related documents, Reno VARO staff would have inappropriately

shredded them,” according to the 26-page IG report Thursday

about shredding practices at 10 VA regional offices.

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