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Brett Valette, PhD

This is the first in a series of stories

bringing light to the dark side of the

VA’s treatment of some Veterans

applying for disability.  Whether out

of frustration, desperation, anger, or

‘just to make it right” they contacted me, and together, we fought the injustice. 

These are actual cases and claims. 

I have changed names and identifying information for confidentiality reasons.

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From the Desk of Drew Early

Veterans Law Attorney


VA’s modernization of the claims process continues

This came to my attention yesterday along with some comments about this

‘Modernization” from various from well-respected veterans advocates around the country:
“Why does this bring me more concern than comfort…”
“Isn’t anyone concerned that VA will lose data on old “closed cases”

by digitizing he old claims before someone re-opens the claims?”

So VA is apparently removing some 310,000 inactive

C-files for conversion to digital format. 

Kind of strikes me that creates 310,000 opportunities for error to occur… 



Jim:  Another sad but true email--this one was waiting for me this morning. 

I think it speaks volumes about the actual VA experience for many.
/s/ Drew

Hi  Drew: You may not remember me but (redacted name of another veterans attorney) had

given me your name and we had spoken last year about applying for VA widow’s

benefits for my Mom.  I just wanted to thank you for the information.  Unfortunately by the

time they processed everything and finally approved her case and deposited the

first check this February, she had just passed away. However, I wanted to tell you that

we really appreciated your input - that VA site and the process is a hard thing to navigate.
With regards, XXXXXXXX



OK, take a look at this latest Proposed rule by VA.  It would have VA acquisition regulations

mirror those of the Federal acquisition regulations (or in layman’s terms—follow the same

rules that the rest of the Federal government follows for procurement actions). 

On its face it makes sense, right?  But why isn’t that already the case?  Shouldn’t

VA already be following the same procedures as the rest of the

government in terms of contracting and purchasing?  Looks like

there was some unnecessary duplication of effort, perhaps, in the past.

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Department of Veterans Affairs
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Toll Free Fax: 844-822-5246

We recommend that you mail a copy
and then fax a copy!  Yes, it's twice the
work but maybe VA will only lose one
and the other will be processed.
Remember: Use Certified Mail!

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Application for DIC, Death Pension

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VA form 21-686c

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Marijuana, Narcotics

and your VA

Why you can't get

your prescription


Committee Leaders Introduce

VA Prescription Safety Legislation

Program cut risky opioid
prescriptions for U.S. veterans

Little Rock veterans-hospital workers

stole, dealt opioids, U.S. says

Report: Prescription drugs seem to

'vanish' from VA hospitals across the country

Cases involving alleged drug

theft at VA health facilities

UPS worker accused of stealing

Oxycodone from VA pharmacies

A ‘civil war’ over painkillers rips
apart the medical community —
and leaves patients in fear

Overprescribed: Veterans

and the painkiller problem

Opioid addiction newest

battle line for many veterans

Tougher Opioid Guidelines
for U.S. Military and Veterans

Drug overdose fatality rate

higher than suicides, cars, guns


Veterans and the painkiller problem


Department of Veterans Affairs /
Department of Defense

Shifting Opioid Policy At VA Is

Sparking Unrest Among Veterans

* Can veterans sue the United States for medical malpractice?

* Is there a special process for suing the government?
* Where do you file a lawsuit?

* Isn't it impossible to win a lawsuit against the United States?

* Do I need a local lawyer to file a claim against my local VA or military

health care facility for malpractice?
* Do I need a lot of money to hire a firm such as RawlsMcNelis to bring

a medical malpractice claim against the United States?

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VA Benefits for Sleep Apnea

as a service

connection to PTSD
Brett Valette, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Another reason you can't get your Vicodin refilled

Here at the VAWatchdog we receive a lot of questions

and comments from the veteran patients across America

who have suddenly had their narcotic prescriptions cut off.

We've alerted you to the fact that this isn't the VA cutting

you off, it's the DEA. There's a reason for the cutback

on narcotics...people are dying.

We'll keep you informed as this develops. Know that your

prescription for narcotics will end soon. Deal with it.

Doctors group issues recommendations on opioid epidemic

An influential group of doctors demanded a top-to-bottom change in the way

the U.S. handles addiction. Over 22 million Americans need

treatment for drugs or alcohol, but just 18 percent are getting it.

A deadly epidemic: Addiction to opioids has put an entire generation at risk
The grisly trend – fatalities from drug overdoses in Maine reached an all-time high

in 2016 – only seems to be getting worse, prompting one caregiver to lament:

‘Where is the outrage?’ This 10-part examination lays out the ramifications

of the crisis, mining answers from the human toll by telling the stories of those we’ve lost.

Americans use far more opioids than anyone else in the world

The number of opioid prescriptions has decreased in the past few years, after

more than a decade of explosive growth. This reflects new practice guidelines

underscoring opioids’ generally poor effectiveness at reducing chronic pain,

increased monitoring of prescribers by government and health-care

organizations, and widespread horror within and without

medicine over the epidemic of opioid-related deaths.

Legalized Marijuana Could Help Curb the Opioid Epidemic, Study Finds

In states that legalized medical marijuana, U.S. hospitals failed to see a predicted

influx of pot smokers, but in an unexpected twist, they treated far fewer opioid users,

a new study shows. Hospitalization rates for opioid painkiller dependence and abuse

dropped on average 23 percent in states after marijuana was permitted

for medicinal purposes, the analysis found. Hospitalization rates for

opioid overdoses dropped 13 percent on average.