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For veterans, Alaska offers space and a safety net

Monday night was lasagna night inside the strip-mall storefront of VFW Post 9981. Clemson

was still behind Alabama on the big screens as regulars trickled in. At the bar, Joe Federmann

considered how Esteban Santiago fell through the social safety net Alaska has for veterans.

Homeless veterans take refuge at Arizona encampment

A camp in Tucson, Arizona, serves about 20 homeless people, the majority of them U.S.

military veterans seeking shelter, food, camaraderie and refuge from the streets. The camp,

run by the group Veterans on Patrol, has grown with the help of donations from local

companies and residents. Mitchell Riley reports for Arizona Public Media.

The Invisible Veterans

Women are the fastest growing veteran population, with 2.2 million women veterans

representing every branch of the military living nationwide, a number that is expected to double

over the next ten years. That’s ten percent of the current veteran population. But as more

women veterans return to civilian life, many are facing new battles at home.

You've waited 28 months.

There were 3 C & P exams.

You can't find a job.

You're behind on your

rent and everything else.

Your marriage is coming apart.

Your PTSD has reached a new level.

Now what the hell do you do?

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Editorial: VA finally helps Lejeune vets

The poisoned water at Camp Lejeune was discovered in 1980. Finally, the Department of

Veterans Affairs has completed an agonizingly long process to provide automatic benefits

for thousands of Marines who developed cancer and other diseases after consuming

the base's tainted drinking water. It's hardly a cause for jubilation, but it is a triumph

for veterans and their families who should not have had to battle so hard.

Study Maps ‘Uniquely Devastating’ Genital Injuries Among Troops

A new report on one of the most dreaded war wounds finds that 1,367 men in the United

States military suffered injuries to their genitals or urinary tract in Iraq or Afghanistan from

2001 to 2013, mostly from bomb blasts. More than a third of the injuries were severe.

Apocalypse Now (1979)

VA at Fort Harrison receives lowest possible rating

A U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs internal rating system for veterans health care

across the country has given Fort Harrison a one-star rating for its performance.

Former Official: VA Slow to Discipline Employees

A former agency official says the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is slow to discipline employees

for misconduct and too willing to settle disciplinary cases without firing the workers involved.

VA Review – A Private Rating System for VA Facilities

Rachel Procopio

Until recently, the VA’s quality-of-care ratings for its medical facilities across

the United States remained private. Last month, a USA TODAY investigation

exposed the secret rating system for the 146 VA medical centers across

the country. The VA had rated each facility on a scale of one to five stars,

with five being the best rating and one being the worst. 

Many factors are used to rate the facilities.

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Trip to Disney World helps unravel Army veteran's

$300,000 disability fraud, officials say

An Army veteran who received $300,000 in benefits over the course of several years is facing

more than a decade in prison after investigators found she was faking her disability.

A federal jury found her guilty in connection with the case Thursday in Jacksonville.

Improvements made to VA’s troubled crisis call line

Some still concerned about crisis line’s management
Significant improvements have come to the Veterans Crisis Line to address its troubled history

of long wait times, unanswered calls and over-reliance on backup centers, according to

Matt Eitutis, acting director of Veterans Affairs member services in Topeka, which

oversees the crisis line. At one point, up to half of the workload was

going to four backup call lines managed by Mental Health Association.
“It was ridiculous,” Eitutis said.

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New Outreach for Vets Regarding Discharges & Military Records

The Department of Defense announced a renewed effort to ensure veterans are

aware of the opportunity to have

their discharges and

military records reviewed.

Benefits Denied!!!

Dr. Brett Valette provides Military Veterans with psychological

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Haunted by Vietnam

Half a century later, readers recall the pain and destruction on the battlefield and off.

Oped: Fix, don't kill, VA system

The federal system that cares for millions of our veterans is badly broken, but dumping

the problem in the lap of private medicine won't fix it.

After scandal, Phoenix VA still troubled by long waits

for medical care, investigators say

Almost three years after long waits for medical appointments for veterans exploded into

a nationwide scandal, the Phoenix VA hospital at the center of the crisis

still is not providing timely care, a watchdog group documented Monday.

Department of Defense Extends Online Military Exchange

Shopping Privileges to Veterans

The Department of Defense announced a policy change that will extend limited online military

exchange shopping privileges to all honorably discharged veterans of the military. The veterans

online shopping benefit will be effective this Veterans Day, Nov. 11. While shopping privileges

exclude the purchase of uniforms, alcohol and tobacco products, it includes the Exchange

Services’ dynamic online retail environment known so well to service members and their families.

This policy change follows careful analysis, coordination and strong public support.

VA Agrees To Pay Billions To Marines Affected

By Toxic Water At Camp Lejeune
Affected veterans who were stationed at Camp Lejeune may now submit applications for benefits,

once the rule is officially published Friday. The federal bureaucracy moved at an agonizing

crawl for the Marine Corps veterans sickened by the contaminated drinking water at Camp

Lejeune in North Carolina. Some died waiting for government benefits.

Trump’s surprise VA pick known as turnaround artist
President-elect Donald Trump surprised many when he chose one of President Obama’s

appointees to run the Department of Veterans Affairs after pledging to overhaul the department

during the campaign. But the nominee, current under secretary of health David Shulkin, has a

long history in the private sector turning around struggling hospitals.

Adding your dependents to your VA benefits is always

an exercise in frustration. Here's some new guidance

VA is providing its representatives.

requests to Add Dependents

Is David Shulkin the best pick for VA Secretary?
Veterans Groups Uncertain About Trump's VA Nominee

The United States Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Local veteran wins 12-year fight with VA

Vets exposed to contaminated water may now apply for disability benefits

To solve the VA appeals problem, get rid of the hamster wheel
Veteran who missed opioid-risk class has medication shut off

Amputee’s right leg plays key part in VA malpractice suit

In surprise, Trump names insider to lead veterans agency

New scam puts veterans’ pensions, Medicaid at risk

Congresswoman Blames VA Delay For Southwest Washington Veteran's Death

Another view: Cleaning up VA should be a top priority

Mount Vernon says VA Clinic doesn't pay its full rent
VA Secretary Robert McDonald's advice to vets

Trump Announces David Shulkin As Pick For Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

Trump's path to privatizing VA hospitals — by the numbers

The perils and pitfalls of privatization of the VA

Trump Struggles To Find A Veterans Hatchet Person
VA privatization opposed by veterans, supporters
The VA Doesn’t Need Protection — It Needs Competition

Here's What Medicare Part A Costs and Covers in 2017
Marvel executive set to join Trump’s veterans affairs staff
Bonus Clawback Scandal Will Cost Taxpayers Millions
VA employee made up story that client was on his way to kill her
Free Credit Score? Not Necessarily.

Inside a Killer Drug Epidemic: A Look at America’sOpioid Crisis

Top Trump administration spots remain unfilled with just two weeks to go

FBI knew Florida suspect was disturbed, watching Daesh videos, says brother

Veterans try again for popular but expensive Agent Orange bill

Nancy Schlichting reportedly will not be next VA secretary, even if offered job

Can Trump Keep His Promise to Fix Veterans’ Health?

VA Workers Got Millions in Unjustified Incentives

New Year’s Resolutions for the VA in 2017
Fort Lauderdale shooting: five dead as suspect identified as Iraq veteran
Issa, Hunter ask for answers on 'large decline' in San Diego VA health care scores
The VA Pumped Vets With Opioids. Now There's a Bigger Problem