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Budget Calls for Cuts to VA Programs

as Tradeoff for Extending Choice

Listed as one of the offsets for the extra cost is a new restriction on compensation for veterans

through the VA's "individual unemployability" program.The change, which the budget

describes as a "modernization," would stop the higher payments once a veteran who is eligible

for Social Security payments reaches the minimum age to receive them. Veterans who have already

reached the age to receive Social Security would be removed from the VA benefit program

if Congress approves the proposal.Also listed as an offset to the Choice program is a

practice to round down cost-of-living adjustments to all veterans

who receive disability compensation. The practice was standard until 2013.

VAWatchdog Comments

That politicians are attempting to cut your benefits every year is nothing new.

The Congressional Budget Office has been making recommendations to do away

with many categories of your hard earned benefits for many years. For example:

Analyzing the Federal Benefits Available to Disabled Veterans

Restrict VA’s Individual Unemployability Benefits to Disabled Veterans Who Are

Younger Than the Full Retirement Age for Social Security

Eliminate Concurrent Receipt of Retirement Pay and Disability

Compensation for Disabled Veterans

Narrow Eligibility for Veterans’ Disability Compensation by

Excluding Certain Disabilities Unrelated to Military Duties

Veterans’ Disability Compensation: Trends and Policy Options

Every year when proposals to reduce or eliminate any veterans benefits are proposed,

the efforts fail. This is because reducing veterans benefits is sometimes called one of the

third rails of's one politicians don't want to touch. So proposals come and go and

never get very far. This time could be different. The new administration hasn't kept any

promises made to veterans so far. If the previous administration snubbed veterans,

this administration seems no different.

If you're worried about your benefits, you must let Congress know.

If you don't make your opinion heard, you're part of the problem.

How to Contact Your Elected Officials
Learn how to get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders.

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Is It Traumatic Brain Injury Or PTSD???

Interactive Brain
Welcome to the Interactive Brain. This section shows and describes
the brain at work and how it’s affected by TBI.
Click the brain to begin.

Now let's review the basics of a TBI Claim

What is a TBI? What are the causes of a TBI?

What are common signs and symptoms of TBI?

What helps document a possible TBI?

Click Here to read the article by

Veterans Law Attorney Roger Hale

You can contact Attorney Hale here if you have questions or need some advice.

* Can veterans sue the United States for medical malpractice?

* Is there a special process for suing the government?
* Where do you file a lawsuit?

* Isn't it impossible to win a lawsuit against the United States?

* Do I need a local lawyer to file a claim against my local VA or military

health care facility for malpractice?
* Do I need a lot of money to hire a firm such as RawlsMcNelis to bring

a medical malpractice claim against the United States?

Click here for the answers to these and other questions.

From the Desk of Drew Early

Veterans Law Attorney

Retired and divorcing? Believe in 5301 protection?

Hey Jim, This is the latest case (and it’s a Supreme Court case) about VA benefits and

how they are considered when a military retiree is in a divorce situation.  This will serve to further

clarify (or cloud, depending on perspective) an already contentious area for some veterans.
Howell v. Howell, Docket #15-1031 . The Court unanimously held that a “state court may not order

a veteran to indemnify a divorced spouse’s portion of the veteran’s retirement pay caused by

the veteran’s waiver of retirement pay to receive service-related disability benefits.”

Although the 
Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act  allows a state to treat a

military veteran’s retirement pay as community property, it “exempts from this grant of permission

any amount that the Government deducts ‘as a result of a waiver’ that the veteran must
make ‘in order to receive ‘disability benefits.’” The Court therefore held in
Mansell v. Mansell,

490 U.S. 581 (1989), that if a veteran waived a portion of his retirement pay by electing to receive

disability pay and later gets divorced, a state court may not treat the waived retirement pay

as community property. The Court held here that the same result obtains when the

veteran makes that waiver after his divorce — a divorce in which he

agreed to pay his former spouse 50% of his military retirement pay each month.

/s/ Drew Early, Esq.

Dr. Brett Valette provides Military Veterans with psychological

Independent Medical Evaluation, Independent Medical Opinions,

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Brett Valette, PhD

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This is a series of stories

bringing light to the dark side of the

VA’s treatment of some Veterans

applying for disability.  Whether out

of frustration, desperation, anger, or

‘just to make it right” they contacted me, and together, we fought the injustice. 

These are actual cases and claims. 

I have changed names and identifying

information for confidentiality reasons.

Spotlight March 2017

This is the first in a series of stories bringing

light to the dark side of the VA’s treatment

of some Veterans applying for disability. 

Spotlight April 2017

Claim Killer DBQ Questions.
VA Spotlight is a series of stories bringing

light to the dark side of the VA’s treatment

of some Veterans applying for disability.

Whether out of frustration, desperation,

anger, or ‘just to makeit right” they contacted

me, and together, we fought the injustice.

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