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Brett Valette, PhD

This is the first in a series of stories bringing light to the dark side of the

VA’s treatment of some Veterans applying for disability.  Whether out of frustration, desperation, anger, or ‘just to make it right” they contacted me, and together,

we fought the injustice. These are actual cases and claims.  I have

changed names and identifying information for confidentiality reasons.

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Shulkin promises problematic VA workers will be fired

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin promised to crack down on underperforming

employees in his first televised interview since being sworn into the post last week.

Vietnam Veteran claims VA won't pay for emergency care

Bill Rose woke up from a nap August 15 with searing pain in his lower back. The 70-year

old Vietnam Veteran felt sure he was suffering a potentially fatal condition.

It felt like blood was filling his body cavity. "You've got seconds to live," he thought, and called 911.  

Police return stolen Purple Heart to Yuba City evacuee

Vietnam veteran Mike Pomeroy thought his Purple Heart was gone forever after burglars

took it when he evacuated his home last week due to the emergency at Oroville Dam.

New Outreach for Vets Regarding Discharges & Military Records

The Department of Defense announced a renewed effort to ensure veterans are

aware of the opportunity to have

their discharges and

military records reviewed.

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Cook v. Snyder, #15-0873, CAVC, Jan 31, 2017

This is an interesting case and one good for veterans, discussing the limits on BVA hearings. 

This was a panel decision by the CAVC (meaning 3 judges heard the case).  The issue is if

veterans are limited to a single hearing before the BVA.   The judges decided the following:

“We hold that a claimant who received a personal hearing at one stage of appellate

proceedings before the Board is not barred from requesting and receiving a Board hearing

during a separate stage of appellate proceedings before the Board,

namely, following a remand from this Court.”

Facts and circumstances have to fit the appeal, but a personal hearing may well be possible before

BVA for now.  That is subject to change if the regulations or statutes involving appeals are changed.

(As an administrative note, yes this is a VA case before the CAVC—then
who’s Snyder?  He’s the

Acting Secretary of the VA, pending confirmation of President Trump’s nominee, Dr. Shulkin).

Drew Early, Esq.

Veterans Law Attorney

Oklahoma VA is Under Fire Again

Christina M. Dwyer

The Talihina, Oklahoma VA is under fire again – the second time in four months – for

the care and treatment of a resident at the facility.  Four months ago, one resident at the

facility was found with maggots in his wound.  He died shortly thereafter of sepsis, unrelated

to the maggots.  Now, a second resident at the Talihina, Oklahoma VA has suffered a

premature death.  The circumstances surrounding the death of this second resident, a

seventy-year-old man, remain unclear, but an alleged witness reports that the death

“was not of natural causes,” and believes “the [medical examiner’s] office will confirm that.”


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Tougher Opioid Guidelines for U.S. Military and Veterans

It’s going to be even harder for U.S. military service members and veterans – especially younger

ones -- to obtain opioid pain medication. The Department of Veterans Affairs and the

Department of Defense have released a new clinical practice guideline for VA and

military doctors that strongly recommends against prescribing opioids for

long-term chronic pain – pain that lasts longer than 90 days.

Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
For Immediate Release   Contact: Tiffany Haverly  (202) 225-3527

HVAC to Assess VA’s Risks for Drug Diversion
WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, February 27, 2017, at 3:30 p.m. the House Committee

on Veterans’ Affairs’ Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will hold a

hearing entitled, “Assessing VA’s Risks for Drug Diversion.”
The hearing will examine a recently released GAO report’s findings that lack of oversight

and internal controls for prescription opioids and employee accountability put VA medical

centers at risk for drug diversion. The Associated Press recently

highlighted this report and spoke to Chairman Roe about the next steps.
The following event is open to the press:
WHO: Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
WHAT: “Assessing VA’s Risks for Drug Diversion”
WHEN: 3:30 p.m., Monday, February 27, 2017

WHERE: 334 Cannon House Office Building

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Veterans injured by service wait years for compensation hearings

Despite surgery, an insidious tumor presses on the nerves wrapped around Thomas

Hundley’s spine. The condition has nearly crippled him. Hundley believes the tumor’s roots

formed decades ago in Vietnam where he was exposed to Agent Orange. So he filed a

disability claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Nine years and several tumors later,

Hundley’s case remains unresolved as he waits for the Veterans Benefits Administration’s

Roanoke Regional Office to send the claim to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in

Washington, D.C. “VA will take all the time they want regardless of our conditions out

here in the real world,” he said. “We can do nothing but wait and, of course, die while waiting.”

VA Disability Claims Backlog Grows Despite Paperless Fix

Suicide attempts at local VA facilities increase in recent years

Can the next VA leader break the cycle of corruption?

Memphis VA’s blood disposal methods coming under fire

Man Killed After Being Hit By Snow Plow At Bedford VA Hospital

Doctor's car stolen from VA Garage

I risked my life for the U.S. Army in Iraq. But when I came here, I was nearly sent back.

Veterans Group Directly Criticizes Trump In Powerful New Ad
More allegations against former Leavenworth VA
Target 8 helps resolve veteran’s four year stalemate with V.A. in less than 48 hours
Three VA employees charged with conspiracy to steal prescription drugs

Clinical trial using marijuana to treat PTSD in veterans gets underway
EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Cash Is Sending Veterans On
LUXURY Trips To Washington To Oppose 9/11 Law

Former employee charged with theft from the local veterans non-profit group

Veterans Wait to Hear about Changes to the VA
A mixed message to vets: Veterans groups weren’t invited to Trump’s first VA “listening session”
Vietnam Vet Told To Use Wag Bag In VA Hospital Room With No Toilet
David Shulkin, Trump's VA pick, faces uphill battle to keep president's many promises
White House Implies Firing of Bad Personnel Will Be Part of VA Reform
Veterans preference, not so much
Veterans And Interpreters Make Case For Exception To Immigration Ban
HVAC to Examine VA Claims Processing System
Senator: VA retaliating against Missouri whistleblower
Elimination of VA system would be a huge loss
New Mexico may allow medical marijuana for all veterans
'Vets continue to die': Phoenix hospital at center of VA scandal ranked among nation's worst

Stand Down event for Arizona veterans: 'These people helped me get off the street'
Veteran files lawsuit after repeated sexual abuse at VA that now gives him nightmares
American Red Cross provides support to local veterans

Helping military veterans risks creating ‘culture of entitlement,’ report says
Montana military veteran details struggle with VA benefits system

A Look Inside A Combat Veteran’s Transition To Civilian Life

Study tracks veterans with traumatic brain injury

VA whistleblower says he's being harassed
The Grunt’s War
Little Rock veterans-hospital workers stole, dealt opioids, U.S. says
Memphis VA gets third interim director
Veterans have a problem that no amount of parades or VA funding can solve

‘Lead by Example’ bill aims to fix VA health care issues
Shuster sponsors bill to hire VA medical center directors
Lawmakers question amount of time VA employees spend on union activities

Anesthesiologist Now With UCLA Medical Shoots Up in Operating Room
No, Congress Isn’t Letting Mentally Ill People Get Guns
Report: Prescription drugs seem to 'vanish' from VA hospitals across the country
San Diego VA health system regains four-star rating
Cases involving alleged drug theft at VA health facilities
UPS worker accused of stealing Oxycodone from VA pharmacies
It's official: Military exchanges plan to offer online access to veterans by Nov. 11
Shulkin Pledges to Get VA Off 'High Risk' List for Waste, Abuse