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Veterans Clinical Psychologist

Botched surgery, delayed diagnosis at a one-star 'house of horrors' VA hospital

A veteran with diabetes and poor circulation checked into the Memphis VA Medical Center for a

scan and possible repair of blood vessels in his right leg last year, but he ended up with a

piece of plastic packaging that VA providers had mistakenly embedded in a critical artery.

To Pledge Alliegiance

Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney

Army vet shown walking after claiming he couldn't owes government $434K

Cole told VA doctors that a National Guard training accident in 2004 left him without "any

ability to walk."  "There's a finite amount of money to treat injured veterans. When someone

unjustifiably and unjustly reaches into that pot and scrapes out $450,000, it's a diminished pot"

Woman screams at veteran for bringing service dog into restaurant

“I’m not going to keep my voice to myself,” she can be seen telling a fellow patron.

“I’m gonna voice it just like I did, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Web site building and management services
Veterans Law Attorney

Can I Sue A VA or Military Doctor for Leaving

Something In My Body During Surgery?

If you have encountered a surgery at a VA or military healthcare facility and

something was left inside your body during the surgery, these are usually

the easiest cases we handle at our VA & military medical malpractice firm.

‘Something has to change:’ Facing high denial rates for

VA claims, 3 Gulf War vets intervene

Brown has become an expert on filing Persian Gulf War veterans’ claims for disability

compensation and health care. He and the two other veterans who make up the

National Gulf War Resource Center intervene in cases all over the country, and are

almost always successful at getting the VA to reverse decisions on rejected claims.

The White House Veterans Complaint Line is open;


Veterans Medical Malpractice Attorney
Veterans Medical Opinion Doctor

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Fax Memo

From: Craig N. Bash, M.D., Neuro-Radiologist

Recently, the VA has decided to place emphasis on TBI (traumatic brain injury) but physicians have imaged this malady for many decades.
**The VA changed the codes for TBI only relatively recently on 28 Sep 2008 but these injuries were well observed directly in live patients with the first clinical CT scanner in 1976 and latter in 1985 with first clinical MRI scanner.
The TBI patient can be rated cumulatively in 4 differed ways and these rating involve aspects of MD specialties in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry (not Psychology) due to the complexity of these brain injuires. The VA uses a 10 facet rating scale (no DBQ) to help work out the details of the functional losses due to TBI.
Once the 10 facets are done, an MD is required to provide a nexus opinion concerning causation of the mental and physical aspect of the TBI.
** All soldiers should seek MD experts, which are able to do combined Independent 10 facet evaluations for TBI.
** All TBI patients should get an MD analysis and nexus opinion.
** A 10-facet analysis without a nexus is basically worthless.
** Each MD opinion should evaluate any other physician opinion in the record and discuss any secondary complications or CUE issues.
** All claims should be placed on the correct forms as VA has adopted a draconian rule in 2015 of “No form No benefits”

/s/ Craig N. Bash M.D., Associate Professor  
<>             cell 240-506-1556

Veterans Clinical Psychologist

From the Desk of

Drew Early, Veterans Law Attorney

Hey Jim,

Army vet shown walking after claiming he couldn't owes government $434K

The headline you published earlier made me think of this recent conversation...

“Drew, I need you for my case.  I got denied for this and that by VA, oh and I have PTSD too."
"OK, so tell me about it."
"Well, I'm rated 10% and got declined by my shoulder injury, but I was on jump status and that really tears you up."
"OK, so tell me more."
"And then I had a gunshot wound…"
"Wait a second, you were combat wounded?"
"Yeah, and I even got a Purple Heart; I think I have PTSD too."
"OK, and you’re a Viet Nam vet, right?"
"That’s right, but no one can prove my service  I was in Special Forces in the National Guard.

(Now I start thinking, 'Uh Oh')
"What’s your proof all this happened?"
"Here’s a copy of my student admission form to the SF Qualification Course at FT Bragg."

(And I'm now thinking, so where’s your diploma?)
"Where are your orders to VN, your orders for your Purple Heart?"
"Funny, National Guard can’t find them and they’re not in my records."
"Well, aren’t they on your DD 214?"
"No, I never got a good DD 214 from my National Guard unit."
"And you were shot in country, right?"
"Yes, and medically evacuated through Japan to FT Benning."
"Well, where are your medical records at those treating military hospitals?"
"No one can find those either.  But, I do have a photo that people say looks like me that was taken in VN with a SF unit in the Highlands.”
(I look at the photo online from the cover of a veterans magazine and read the follow-on story inside.  It’s a photo of a line infantry unit, steel pots and all, of the Americal Division—armed with M16A1s, an M14 and a M60.  No Boonie hats, no tiger stripe cammies, no XM177 carbines—not SF.  The author of the article was the BN CDR of this line infantry unit.)
Clearly, this guy is desperate for help and he does have significant health issues.  But he lost my support when his credibility disappeared — just think why he hasn’t really prevailed with VA to this point and what will happen to him at a follow-on hearing.

I can’t help him; my pleadings before the VA are sworn to—that means a lot to me.  I just offer this little story to illustrate the challenges that others put up that really take away from the legitimate claimants out here.

/s/ Drew
Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney

Vietnam War Not Edited
Season 1: The Vietnam War | Explicit Language Version
The Vietnam War is a ten-part, 18-hour documentary film series directed by Ken Burns and Lynn

Novick that will air on PBS this Fall – Sunday, September 17, 2017. In an immersive 360-degree narrative, Burns and Novick tell the epic story of the Vietnam War as it has never before been

told on film. The Vietnam War features testimony from nearly 100 witnesses.

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