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Jim; Your new posting of the " New Final Rule--VA Pension Program" should have everybody at attention. Myself have only read up to page 18 and already my head is spinning. I do plan to read it through. Just wanted to ask if the VA WATCHDOG will be publishing a more reader friendly version? The 100+ pages is hard to digest and walk away with how to apply it. Being 100% TDIU are they saying if a persons net worth is over $130 K benefits will be reduced?  /s/ Concerned Veteran

My reply; The new VA Pension program & lookback is directed to pensions, not disability benefits. A pension benefit is a means (financial status) tested award for honorably discharged veterans who aren't eligible for service connected disability benefits, over age 65 and who are permanently and totally disabled. Pension eligible veterans must show income and assets that are below certain thresholds to be eligible for the benefit and the dollar amount of the benefit may scale to any income the veteran has. The yearly income requirement is pretty clear cut...an income below the poverty level in the veterans region is the usual standard. Then there are the real assets that many older veterans may possess such as real estate and some savings vehicles like IRAs, SSA benefits, stocks and bonds. In the past there have been certain creative methods used to bypass or soften the impact of some of the requirements that the veteran would have to let go of assets to qualify for pension. The new rule tightens up those requirements and
provides a "look-back" to review recent claims that may not be perfectly legit in the eyes of the VA. The new pension program and lookback won't have any effect on veterans disability benefits such as the TDIU rating. Veterans disability benefits are not means tested and are awarded only on the merits of the disabling conditions. You could win the Lotto or inherit your old Aunt Gertrude's millions and her mansion and her 7 cats and your TDIU benefit won't be affected. AND, thank you for the suggestion that I publish something at the VAWatchdog to clear up any mystery about this...I'll do that!

Pinups For Veterans
Veterans Law Attorney

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​V A Claims Intake Center
PO BOX 4444
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Toll Free Fax: 844-531-7818​


Military Records DD 214

Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs)
Official Personnel Folders (OPF)

Selective Service Records

Deceased Veteran's Claim Files

Individual Deceased Personnel File

VHA Makes Progress in Improving Safety of Opioid Prescribing

​VHA medical facilities should ensure that its providers are following three key opioid risk mitigation strategies, including conducting urine drug screening, a recent report recommended.
“Specifically, increasing the use of urine drug screening is an explicit goal of the Opioid Safety Initiative, and providers should generally ensure that an annual urine drug screening has been conducted,”

Veterans Legal

Help Navigator
Welcome to the Veterans Legal Help Navigator. 

Veterans Questions and Answers

Marine veteran battles with Veterans Affairs over needed surgery

A veteran Marine finds himself in a fight with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veteran Proud
Disability Physician Veterans Law Attorney
Wounded Warrior Project Veterans Benefits

Wilkie opposes bill that would extend Agent Orange

benefits to 'Blue Water' veterans

​New Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie has come out against

extending benefits to veterans who served off the coast during the Vietnam War,

citing high costs and insufficient evidence that they were exposed to Agent Orange.

From the desk of Drew Early, Veterans Law Attorney

New Final Rule--VA Pension Program

​VA is publishing this Final Rule. The rule will impose a three year lookback

period on transfers immediately prior to application, so will (in my view) make it

more difficult for aged veterans and spouses of average middle class asset posture

to become eligible for this benefit. Lots of similarities to means-testing

for Medicaid—Gov’t requiring a claimant to exhaust

hard-earned assets before becoming eligible for benefits.  Sigh…

Frequently veterans will ask if we provide counseling services.

In response to this, Dr. Valette will be accepting a few veteran’s or family members for

Tele-Health personal counseling sessions. Phone, text, email sessions.

Daily availability to each veteran.
At this time, only available to veteran’s who live in Colorado, Texas, Florida, Washington, Iowa, S.Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii. Email for more info and pricing: Info@VeteransPsychEvaluations.com

Comcast gives Jacksonville veterans center computer lab,

low-cost online access to veterans nationwide

“You have stood up for our country. We believe it’s time for the rest of us to

stand up for you,” said David L. Cohen, Comcast senior executive vice president and

chief diversity officer, who noted that the company was founded by a World War II Navy

veteran. Comcast estimated there are at least 150,000 low-income veterans in Florida —

the most in the country — and more than 1 million in the company’s national service area.

About a third of low-income veterans do not have internet service at home and only about 60

percent own a computer, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey.

How to Use My HealtheVet
My HealtheVet is the VA's Personal Health Record.

It is designed for Veterans, Servicemembers, their caregivers and others. To use My HealtheVet, you will need a computer with Internet access...

Jobs For Veterans​ - Grow with Google
Free training, tools, and events to help you grow your skills, career, or business.

Supporting our military service members and their spouses
Explore tools and resources designed to help you transition from military to civilian life

Begin your job search
You can search “jobs for veterans” on Google and enter your Military Occupational

Specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) to see relevant

civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in your military roles.
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Yes, you can sue the VA for medical malpractice.

Jim Strickland is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA disability benefits. 

Jim's Mailbag is a regular column where veterans, servicemembers, and family members can ask Jim their questions about VA and Social Security disability benefits. You can browse all of these Q&As here, and search the Jim's Mailbag archives for helpful answers. If Jim hasn't already addressed the questions you have, you can submit your own question. 

Back To School

College Guide for Veterans and Servicemembers

Deciding to Attend College after the Military

Blink XT Home Security Camera System

with Motion Detection, Wall Mount, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included 

Students using GI Bill receive incorrect housing payments due to VA technical errors

​About 340,000 students attending school using the GI Bill received slightly smaller housing payments in August than they’re eligible for under federal law, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Boston's VA Adds Overdose-Reversing Naloxone To AED Cabinets

In December, the project will expand nationwide, as VA hospitals across

the country will add naloxone to their AED cabinets.

Has Your Claim Been Denied?

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Five doctors out at Minneapolis VA over MiMedx improprieties

​The details behind the Minneapolis doctors’ departures aren’t clear. The spokesman, Ralph Heussner, said the VA proposed terminating all five, but each opted to resign or retire. He confirmed that the proposed terminations involved issues with MiMedx products.

Veterans face challenges, but are needed in workforce

​Workforce agencies recognize veterans as a highly attractive talent pool to help address a

significant labor shortage. Nonetheless, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, there

remain some misconceptions over hiring veterans upon return from military service.

Veterans Clinical Psychologist

Office of Child Support Enforcement
Income Withholding and Medical Support for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions

Veterans Disability Doctor

Emory receives $29 million from Wounded Warrior Project

The Emory Healthcare Veterans Program has received a five-year, $29.2 million-dollar

grant from Wounded Warrior Project to further its work providing transformative care for

Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain

injury (TBI),dd depression and anxiety. The Emory Healthcare Veterans Program

is one of four U.S. programs that are part of Wounded Warrior Project’s Warrior

Care Network, a first-of-its-kind treatment partnership that provides world class

mental health care to Veterans or servicemembers who served/deployed after 9/11.

Dental and vision benefit changes coming in 2019

​On Dec. 31, 2018, the Defense Health Agency’s TRICARE Retiree Dental Program

(TRDP), administered by Delta Dental, will end. As directed in the National Defense

Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2017, however, individuals currently enrolled in or eligible for TRDP will have the opportunity to enroll in the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) during the federal benefits open season from Nov. 12 to Dec. 10, 2018.

Veterans Benefits on Reddit

Education and Training
The end of military service
marks the start of something new.

Special Compensation

for Assistance with

Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL)
Special Compensation

for Assistance with Activities

of Daily Living (SCAADL) Calculator 
What Are
Activities Of Daily Living

Draft Report: Nearly All Whistleblower

Complaints About Manchester VA Were Unfounded

​Complaints lodged by a dozen whistleblowers last year about the quality of care at the

Manchester VA had consequences. At least four VA leaders lost their jobs and the government

poured millions of dollars into improvements at the medical center. But in an internal draft VA report obtained by NHPR, investigators say nearly all of those complaints were unfounded.

VA faces healthcare staffing shortages, barriers to hiring facility leaders

​A facility-specific survey found that 138 of 140 VA facilities reported shortages of medical officers,

with psychiatry and primary care positions being the most frequently listed.


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VA Disability - When the initial decision finds no "nexus"
What is the "nexus" and why is it important? 

The Problem With The VA Isn’t Just The Agency — It’s Us

​The common perception of the VA is that it is an irrevocably broken organization,

fundamentally unable to provide functional care for veterans. But based on my personal experience,

I believe the VA does a fantastic job taking care of veterans that seek the help they need.  
The key words are “veterans” and “seek the help.”

Nothing new to see here folks, move along...

That's right...keep moving...just another budget hike so that the pig has enough lipstick​​

​​Veterans Affairs: Historical Budget Authority, FY1940 - FY2012 

Appointee or career,

VA’s officials can take the agency to excellence

​The VA budget grew from about $49 billion in 2001 to some $200 billion today

 — clearly Congress has funded VA for success.

Veterans Law Attorney

How to Fight VA Debt

​If there's one thing military members know, it's that when the Defense Department gives you too much money, it will come back for it eventually.The VA is similar, but the system is worse.

Office of Research & Development

​​Veterans and the criminal justice system
Dr. Andrea Finlay in Palo Alto is one of several VA researchers who are exploring trends

and characteristics related to Veterans who collide with the criminal justice system. More than 

half of justice-involved Veterans have either mental health problems—namely PTSD, depression,

or high anxiety—or substance-abuse disorders, most notably alcohol or cocaine addiction.

According to Dr. Andrea Finlay, a large percentage of these Veterans are also homeless or

at-risk for homelessness, and many others face such challenges as finding work and

reintegrating into society. Plus, Veterans who collide with the criminal

justice system may be at higher risk for suicide.

43 years after the Vietnam war, many Navy veterans are still

battling for benefits for potential Agent Orange exposure

A bill making its way through Congress would extend benefits to cover blue-water veterans, who were stationed in ships off the Vietnamese coast. Early this month, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie sent a letter to lawmakers asking to stop the bill, saying its provisions are based on sympathy instead of science.

Military Veteran T-Shirt
Dysfunctional Veteran Cap

VA home based clinic under investigation

A federal investigation into allegations of patient neglect, fraudulent billing, falsification of medical records, misuse of government vehicles and other mismanagement practices is underway for the Veterans Affairs Home Based Primary Care Clinic based in Jennings.

Vietnam War veteran donates life-saving kidney to fellow US

airman after reuniting nearly 50 years later

Two Vietnam veterans who reunited nearly 50 years after

they served in the Air Force together now share more than war stories.

Tactical Military Gear

Net Worth, Asset Transfers, and Income Exclusions for Needs-Based Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) amends its regulations governing veterans'

eligibility for VA pensions and other needs-based benefit programs. The amended regulations

establish new requirements for evaluating net worth and asset transfers for pensions and

identify which medical expenses may be deducted from countable income for VA's needs-based

benefit programs. The amendments help to ensure the integrity of VA's needs-based benefit

programs and the consistent adjudication of pension and parents' dependency and indemnity compensation claims. Lastly, the amendments effectuate: Statutory changes for pension beneficiaries

who receive Medicaid-covered nursing home care; a statutory income exclusion for disabled

veterans; and longstanding statutory income exclusions for all VA needs-based benefits.

What Additional Benefits
Are YOU Eligible For?

VBA  Derivative Benefits Eligibility​ 

The Alphabet Soup of

Disability Income:

When you can't work, there are

three programs that can help.

Veterans Disability Lawyer

TDIU???      Unemployability Questions???       IU????

I am a Veteran
Veterans of the United States Uniformed Services may be eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

Agent Orange Newsletter

Oregon Prisons Were Ordered to Protect Veteran Benefits.

They Tried to Find a Loophole Instead.

Have You Received A RAMP Letter?

New VA appeals trial an opportunity for both veterans and the agency

​It’s been a year since Congress first passed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act and gave the Veterans Benefits Administration an 18-month window to implement the new program. The agency has less than six months now to stand up a brand new appeals process for veterans, many of whom have longstanding claims and have been waiting on a decision for years.

Veterans Law Attorney
Hepatitis C Treatment

Navy veterans who say they were exposed to

Agent Orange in Vietnam ask VA for benefits

​A debate over the spread of Agent Orange, used as a tactical defoliant by the Americans during the Vietnam War, pits thousands of Navy veterans against the agency tasked with caring for them.

Veteran who was deported to Mexico returns home to the U.S.

​“It’s outrageous that our country deports veterans who have served the country and sacrificed their lives,” Lai said. “But its important to see this in a broader context. Our immigration laws are harsh on many people, and the fact that veterans are also affected illustrates just how much more congressional leadership is needed to look hard at our immigration system.”

Robert Wilkie


Quality of medical care sharply declines at

Norman Veterans Center, spouses say

​When John Wilson, Ron McClure and Jim Burleson joined the American Armed Services

as young men, they likely didn't think they'd have to advocate for quality health

care decades later. Now these men, residents of the Norman Veterans Center,

aren't receiving the level of care they were promised, according to their family members.

Senate passes sweeping opioids package

While addictions to opioids are declining, heroin overdose deaths are rising. That’s not because more people are using heroin, but because the drug is being laced with fentanyl - an incredibly potent, inexpensive and synthetic opioid. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that of the 72,000 overdose-related deaths in 2017, 30,000 were caused by synthetic opioids.

Arkansas veteran continues his fight to fix Agent Orange

benefits loophole in Washington

​A former Marine from Mena is working with lawmakers in Washington

on legislation that would allow veterans who served in Thailand

during the Vietnam War to qualify for benefits due to Agent Orange exposure.

How to Increase an Existing VA Disability Rating

The application process is pretty easy, you can DIY in no time.

We provide the "How To" details here.

Man accused of defiling flags in veterans cemetery faces charges

​A Boston man is being charged by Somerville police with allegedly uprooting four American

flags installed at the Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery and urinating on them while

on a date, according to court records. Michael C. Lacey is facing three charges:

defacement of an American veteran’s grave marker, open and gross lewdness, and

disturbing the peace for his alleged actions Sept. 10 at the memorial, according to court records.

New VA secretary 'sucker punches' Vietnam Navy veterans

​Sucker-punched, blind-sided and betrayed.
Vietnam War Navy veterans claim the new head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie, stabbed them in the back by promising to meet with them and instead, fired off a letter trying to kill a bill that grants them Agent Orange benefits.Wilkie sent a letter to Sen. Johnny Isakson (R)-Georgia claiming, "science does not support extending Agent Orange benefits to Blue Water Navy veterans."

VA exceeds goals for delivering appeals decisions on disability claims

​The Veterans Affairs Department said it has surpassed its goal this year of

delivering more than 81,000 appeals decisions on claims for disability benefits

and services. In doing so, VA said it delivered 28,000 more appeals

decisions in fiscal 2018 than in fiscal 2017, a 52 percent increase.


VA Form 21-526EZ 
Use For...

Disability Service Connection
Secondary Service Connection

Disability Compensation
Temporary Total Disability Rating
 Individual Unemployability
Compensation under  38 U.S.C. 1151
 Special Monthly Compensation
Special Home Adaptation 
Automobile Allowance
/Adaptive Equipment
Benefits Based on a Veteran's
Seriously Disabled Child

Drug Screens 

at your VA Clinic...


Fully Developed Claims

What Is a Fully Developed Claim?
The Fully Developed Claims (FDC) program is an optional initiative that offers Veterans and survivors faster decisions from VA on compensation, pension, and survivor benefit claims.
Veterans and survivors simply submit all relevant records in their possession, and those records which are easily obtainable, such as private medical records, at the time they make their claim and certify that they have no further evidence to submit. VA can then review and process the claim more quickly.

Decision Ready Claims

The Decision Ready Claims (DRC) Program is the fastest way to get your VA claim processed. You can get a decision on your claim in 30 days or less by working with an accredited Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or other accredited representative.

Military Service Records, Awards, and Unit Histories: 

A Guide to

Locating Sources

1967 - 1970

VA Benefits for Your Child
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers several benefits for the children of veterans: 
(1) Education benefits 
(2) Health care CHAMPVA 
(3) Life insurance

(4) Memorial benefits 

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VA home loans

Everything America’s military veterans need to know

What is a VA loan?
Veterans Affairs mortgages, better known as VA loans, offer considerable benefits for eligible

military veterans, service members and spouses who want to buy a home. The main

draw of VA loans is that they make it easier to get financing by offering no down-payment

loans and more lenient credit and income requirements than conventional mortgages.