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Feds say trucking company bilked VA of $4M

Many Veterans Gained Health Care Through The Affordable Care Act

Almost half a million veterans gained health care coverage during the first two years of the

Affordable Care Act, a report finds. In the years leading up to the implementation of the ACA's

major coverage provisions, from 2010 to 2013, nearly 1 million of the nation's approximately

22 million veterans didn't have health insurance. Almost half of all veterans are enrolled in the

VA health system; others get health care through employers or Medicare.

But some don't quality for those options, and others don't know that they have them.

VA Expands Suicide Hotline Service With Second Call Center In Atlanta

Veterans Affairs secretary: "No way" administration will privatize VA

“In no way are we seeking to privatize the VA,” Shulkin said Saturday on “CBS This

Morning,” adding that the VA needs to work “closer” with the private

sector to use an “integrated” approach to veteran care. 

$25 million lawsuit against Buffalo VA dismissed

* Can veterans sue the United States for medical malpractice?

* Is there a special process for suing the government?
* Where do you file a lawsuit?

* Isn't it impossible to win a lawsuit against the United States?

* Do I need a local lawyer to file a claim against my local VA or military

health care facility for malpractice?
* Do I need a lot of money to hire a firm such as RawlsMcNelis to bring

a medical malpractice claim against the United States?

Click here for the answers to these and other questions.

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From the Desk of Drew Early

Veterans Law Attorney

Well-meaning reps within VARO Louisville had previously been advising some

Camp LeJeune presumptive claimants to resubmit their claim, rather than appeal it. 

That has now been rectified and an advisory was sent out to direct all such appeals

within Louisville to the appellate tem for immediate approval. As it should be… 

/s/ Drew Early, Esq.


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Brett Valette, PhD

UPDATED...April 2017

This is a series of stories

bringing light to the dark side of the

VA’s treatment of some Veterans

applying for disability.  Whether out

of frustration, desperation, anger, or

‘just to make it right” they contacted me, and together, we fought the injustice. 

These are actual cases and claims. 

I have changed names and identifying

information for confidentiality reasons.

Spotlight March 2017

This is the first in a series of stories bringing

light to the dark side of the VA’s treatment

of some Veterans applying for disability. 

Spotlight April 2017

Claim Killer DBQ Questions.
VA Spotlight is a series of stories bringing

light to the dark side of the VA’s treatment

of some Veterans applying for disability.

Whether out of frustration, desperation,

anger, or ‘just to makeit right” they contacted

me, and together, we fought the injustice.

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Almost half of VA's enrollment letters to veterans never got delivered in 2016

Hundreds of thousands of applications from veterans to enroll in the Department of Veterans

Affairs healthcare system have been delayed because VA failed to reach them by mail last year. Data

provided by a VA whistleblower on Friday show that the VA tried last year to reach 494,428 veterans by

mail to tell them it needed more information before their VA application could be completed.

But the data show that almost half of those letters bounced back.

Source Says Little Progress Has Been Seen in the VA Healthcare System

The attached article from is a remarkably insightful assessment of the VA. 

It is depressing reading, however.  The agency remains very much broken.

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to get

your paperwork properly recorded by VA?

Well, have a look at:

Auto-Establish Nationwide Roll-Out Release 1.0

Auto-Establish is an automatic process taking traditional paper compensation claim(s)

(VA Form 21-526EZ), received through the Intake Processing Center (IPC) via the Centralized

Mail (CM) portal and converts the paper documents into an electronic packet.

Auto-Establish is intended to increase employee efficiency and improve claims processing

timeliness, by allowing VA personnel to focus on more complex development activities.

As part of the conversion process, VA Form 21-526EZ is scanned and data fields are extracted

to be used for automatic claims establishment. The enhanced Auto-Establish functionality will

separate and perform data extraction on VA Form 21-526EZ, assign contentions, add

special issues and flashes, and scan/upload VA Form

21-526EZ and all attached documentation to the VBMS eFolder.

Auto-Establish will only establish disability compensation claims. Pension claims

will be processed through the Centralized Mail Portal. For now,

VA Form 21-526EZs containing pension information will be excluded.

Mail packages containing a Power of Attorney (POA) on VA Forms 21-22 and 21-22a

will not be processed by Auto-Establish in Release 1.0. Auto-Establish will not establish

any claims where VA Forms 21-22 or 21-22a are submitted with a VA Form 21-526EZ.

These will be offramped and the IPC staff will process these packages as they

normally would within the CM Portal and VBMS. Future Auto-Establish

releases will include functionality to process VA Forms 21-22 and 21-22a.

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Agent Orange Exposure





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To solve the VA appeals problem, get rid of the hamster wheel

No excuse for VA incident

Cincinnati VA official: Wrongdoer or whistleblower?

The deputy chief of staff at the Cincinnati Veterans Administration Medical Center faces the

end of her career and possible prosecution for writing three prescriptions for a private patient.

But she says the VA is retaliating because she was blowing the whistle

on its relationship with UC Health, which she says wastes tax dollars and hurts veterans.

Listen to audio of VA manager discuss

withholding info for veteran enrollment project

Audio recordings obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reveal a VA manager overseeing

a health care enrollment project intentionally withheld critical information from hospital staff

across the country that would have made it easier for veterans to gain access to care.

The audio recordings involve internal discussions by VA leaders last year overseeing a project

to clear up a backlog of hundreds of thousands of veterans health care applications. The

manager describes how he’s been instructed to not provide

detailed guidance to staff at more than 150 VA hospitals across the country.

Don’t Apply For This Top VA Job Unless You’ve

Already Been Laid Off Or Could Be
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials under Secretary David Shulkin are favoring people 

who have previously been laid off from the government, or are about to be, to fill a top congressional

relations job in the sprawling agency. The job ad for a VA executive to oversee eight

congressional liaison officials describes the open position as “located in the [Veterans Health

Administration] Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs in Washington, D.C,” and adds

that “you will serve as the principal advisor to the Director, and serve as a link between the VHA,

the General Counsel, Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs, and other VA offices.”

But, in bold and underlined text, the ad makes clear that “this announcement is open to

CTAP eligible employees only,” referring to the Career Transition Assistance Program,

which finds ways to keep “surplus” or “displaced” federal workers on the government payroll.

Guide to Federal Records

Records of the Veterans Administration [VA]


Defense Threat Reduction Agency

VA Payment for Emergency Care

Patient Record Flags

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