Entitlement to service connection

for bilateral foot disability claimed

as secondary to carbon

tetrachloride exposure.

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How To Know If It’s Time To Return To Work

​When you have taken a step back from work due to a disability, you may reach a point in your

recovery where you begin to wonder if, when, and how to best approach a return to work.

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This is the CFR

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 38 - Pensions, Bonuses,

and Veterans' Relief​​

Title: PART 17 - MEDICAL​ 

Many service members use industrial solvents in regular military tasks

​Benzene   Tetrachloroethylene

(PCE or PERC)   Acetone    Trichloroethylene (TCE)   Xylenes

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs

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Jim Strickland is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA

disability benefits. Jim writes extensively about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 
Jim's Mailbag is a regular column featured at  Stateside Legal  where veterans, servicemembers,

and family members can  ask Jim their questions  about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 

Experts Issue Guidelines on Diabetes-Linked Nerve Damage

​The problems, which affect the hands and feet, are the result of nerve damage, also known as diabetic neuropathy.

Disability benefits can enhance your independence and help you care for your family

​​Veterans’ Benefits Rating and Rates
Disability Compensation
Veterans who have disabilities, medical conditions or injuries incurred or aggravated during active military service — no matter when or where they served — may be eligible to receive tax-free monthly benefits.

Veterans Lawyer Personal Injury Appeals VA Claims

At-home care program for veterans helped change the life of this veteran

How you can apply

"We've gained enough knowledge to help them walk through that process and get generous

benefits for people that often didn't know they were eligible for benefits."

Veterans Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Veterans Lawyer Doctor

Filing a VA claim for disability compensation

​VA disability compensation benefits are a monthly, tax-free payment to Veterans who were injured, sustained a

long-term illness or experienced a worsening medical condition during their military service. 

How to file a claim for disability compensation
The COVID-19 pandemic has not halted the claims process. Veterans can still file claims,

and VA is still processing them. VA recommends filing a claim online, but it can still be done in person or through the mail.

​​Step One: Prepare documents before starting your application

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Women Veterans Call Center
The Women Veterans Call Center is your guide to VA

When You Run Head First Into A Brick Wall

Let's be honest, that happens a lot at your VA.

If you have a legit issue, you'll find help here.

(If you have some harebrained claim or want to rant about some bullshit 

fantasy, leave these people alone. If your issue is that someone at VA dropped

the ball and you need a hand, you just found your solution.)

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs ​White House Hotline

​855 - 948 - 2311   


​Yes, this really works.

No, it doesn't ring in the White House.​

Be sure to include your DOB, your last 4, contact info...

a couple of numbers, your preferred email and such.

Describe the problem as briefly as you can.

Don't rant.

You will get a reply.

Yeah, I see this generating denials at lightning speed...

​Roger Hale, Veterans Law Attorney

Survey of Americans Who Attempted Suicide Finds Many Aren’t Getting Care
The number of people who try suicide has risen steadily in the U.S.

But despite gains in health coverage, nearly half are not getting mental health treatment.

Nocebo responses   explain up to 76%

of COVID vaccine side effects.
Some vaccine side effects are very real,

but many may be anxiety and misattribution.

Jon Stewart joins advocates in push to aid veterans exposed to toxins
“The bottom line is this: Our country exposed our veterans to poison

for years, and we knew about it,” Jon Stewart said.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Cost of Living Adjustments

The increases in amounts became effective December 1, 2021

VA revamps caregivers program: Those who already qualified must reapply

​Caregivers currently in the program say they're being purged

Veterans Medical Malpractice Lawyer

VA Study Shows Black Men Twice as Likely to Develop Prostate Cancer as Whites

​​A review of nearly 8 million men seen at America's Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals found that Black

veterans had nearly twice the incidence of localized and advanced prostate cancer as white men.

Where Can I get COVID 19 Pills?

And how much will they cost?

​The COVID-19 pills are in short supply. Eligible patients can

receive the treatment free of charge during the public health emergency.

Veterans Lawyer

Breland v. McDonough, No. 20-2199 (Fed. Cir. 2022)

Breland served in the Army in Vietnam, 1965-1968. In 2006, Breland was diagnosed with carcinoma of the tongue;

he completed his treatments in January 2007. The VA Regional Office denied Breland’s claim for service connection. 

VA Tests New Automated System that Could

Speed Up Claims Decisions

​The automated system being considered by the VA has proven to shorten the disability claims review process from

100  days to  2

 under certain circumstances and conditions. 


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Psychiatric Disorders and Type 2 Diabetes Often Go Together

​Type 2 diabetes was most common among people with a sleep disorder

Review and pay your VA copay bill

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Veterans Lawyer

Veterans Psych Evaluations
 Brett Valette, Ph.D.

Providing Military Veterans Personalized Psychological and Medical Evaluations. Complete the Contact form, and you'll get a personal phone call from us. We listen, and want to know what you are going through. We provide Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Independent Medical Opinions (IMO) and nexus letters for ratings reviews, secondary conditions, medical conditions, discharge upgrades, and many types of denied claims.  We also provide Social Security Disability claim reports.

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How to file a VA disability claim

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38 CFR Book C
The Schedule for Rating Disabilities

Military Records​

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View your VA disability ratings
If you have one or more disability ratings, you can
view your VA

combined disability rating and

your individual ratings online

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​Detailed Claims Data  - 

 Status Reports
Reports contain data covering claims inventory, claims

backlog, claims accuracy, and

Fully Developed Claims. 

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