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From the Desk of Drew Early

Veterans Law Attorney

VAWatchdog readers may not be aware of some recent nominations made by the

Administration to fill vacancies at the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. 

One of those nominated is Michael Allen, a dean at Stetson University’s College of Law.  Its

noteworthy to have him nominated—he’s a well known academic in the area of veterans law

and one of the few who have critically written on the topic. 

So, he knows what he’s talking about.  Better still, he also understands the

greater concept of the law in general and I think can be a force to help incorporate overarching

legal principles into the specialized world of veterans law.  A lot of our current veterans law

is every much a stove-piped amalgamation of rules and regulations that simply

looks at veterans, without considering underlying legal principles applicable to all US citizens.    
I view his nomination as a good thing and wish him well. 

He’ll provide a different, and I think valuable perspective to the Court.  

/s/ Drew Early   

Director of Stetson Veterans Law Institute Tapped for Federal Judgeship

Stetson University College of Law Veterans Law Institute director and Professor of Law

Michael P. Allen has been selected by President Trump for a federal judgeship on the

United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims based in Washington, D.C.

The appointment is subject to confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

Veterans Medical Opinion Doctor

Usually, the most important part of any claim for veterans disability benefits is being able to prove
that there is a “link” between your current medical conditions and your service while in the military.  This is called the “nexus”. The nexus, or link, between a veteran’s current disability and  something that happened to you “in-service” is often the hardest thing to prove in your claim for VA disability benefits.  However, without a nexus, your disability benefits claim with the

Veteran’s Administration (VA) WILL NOT WIN!

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Veterans Clinical Psychologist
Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney


Brett Valette, PhD

UPDATED...April 2017

This is a series of stories

bringing light to the dark side of the

VA’s treatment of some Veterans

applying for disability.  Whether out

of frustration, desperation, anger, or

‘just to make it right” they contacted me, and together, we fought the injustice. 

These are actual cases and claims. 

I have changed names and identifying

information for confidentiality reasons.

Spotlight March 2017

This is the first in a series of stories bringing

light to the dark side of the VA’s treatment

of some Veterans applying for disability. 

Spotlight April 2017

Claim Killer DBQ Questions.
VA Spotlight is a series of stories bringing

light to the dark side of the VA’s treatment

of some Veterans applying for disability.

Whether out of frustration, desperation,

anger, or ‘just to makeit right” they contacted

me, and together, we fought the injustice.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

The White House Veterans Complaint Line is open;


They are said to be there to, “collect, process and respond to the complaints

of individual veterans in a responsive, timely and accountable manner.”

Please call the number.

Ask when your VA will be fixed?

Let us know what the response is.

Email Jim <> and share your experience.

As always, you'll remain anonymous.

One veteran says;

"Jim, I contacted these folks Friday of last week, about my appeal. I received a call back within an

hour. The gentleman explained that he looked at my file and didn't see that I had submitted an

appeal, but that he noticed that I got a letter in January stating that I was granted one thing and

denied another, and that when they sent that letter out it was also for the appeal at the BVA and that

I was denied everything.  I tried not to come unglued on the poor guy as he had no clue in hell

what he was talking about.  I tried to explain to him that he was wrong but there was just no use

as he was right and I was wrong. If you ask me it's just like the toll free number."

Veterans Law Attorney

VA deputy nominee ready to take on

‘disconnect’ between HQ and field employees

“Currently, there is a disconnect between the field and VA headquarters, not purposeful, but there

is a disconnect,” Bowman said. “Many times the [Veterans Integrated Service Network] director sets

the policy for those medical centers that are within his VISN or her VISN. Then the medical centers

only pay attention to what the VISN director says, not necessarily what they’re aware of as the

policy. When you deal with that number of VISNs across the country, you have inconsistent

approaches to providing information back to the VA headquarters for oversight.”

‘Catastrophic pipe failure’ causes severe damage at

Manchester VA Medical Center

A burst pipe at the Manchester VA Medical Center early Wednesday flooded a number

of floors at the hospital, according to Alfred Montoya, acting director.

Manchester VA Medical Center officials removed over care allegations

Veterans advocates ‘angered’ at story of failure at Manchester VA

Documents show VA secretary was informed about allegations months ago
Shulkin said complaints about Manchester VA Medical Center were 'new to me'

Some N.H. veterans push back on Manchester VA reports

Veterans Affairs secretary promises “brand new” review of Manchester hospital

Veterans start to lose Choice health care options as VA funds run dry

Veterans Law Attorney

VA Disability Benefits Due To Negligence

The 1151 Claim
An important part of VA Disability law provides relief if a veteran suffers an injury or dies as the result of “negligent” VA health care, VA vocational rehabilitation, or the VA compensated work therapy (CWP) program.   The Statute allowing these benefits is 38 USC § 1151, better known simply as an 1151 claim. A claim under Section 1151 is similar to a medical malpractice claim against the VA, but there are some very important differences. In order to file an 1151 claim, a veteran or family member has to write the VA indicating that he/she believes that a permanent injury/disability, or death has occurred as the result of an action, or failure to act, of the VA. You MUST be able to show “intent”, in order to apply for 1151 benefits or VA disability benefits. Once this is done, the claims process should be triggered.

Read the rest of this article by clicking here.

Need advice about your potential 1151 claim? Call Hale Law Office at 1-800-522-4595 for your FREE Consultation with accredited veterans disability attorney Roger Hale.

Veterans Medical Malpractice Attorney

Compensation & Pension Exams

C & P

We've updated our information and resources about the most stressful of all times...when you're scheduled for a C & P exam. New videos have been developed by VA to provide you with information about what to expect for a wide variety of exams. We also tell you how the C & P exam process really works. Check it out, learn how to file an electronic Fully Developed Claim (FDC) using Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) and give your claim the best possible chance of being quickly adjudicated.

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VA Form 21-0958 - NOD
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Vet turned over to collections after VA bill denial

Thousands of veterans every year are saddled with medical debt they shouldn’t owe -- some of it even turned over to collection agencies -- after trips to the emergency room.

Lawmakers: Veterans’ credit damaged by slow VA reimbursements

Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney