Millions of dollars of equipment missing from Texas VA locations

Medical equipment, TVs, cellphones, and a John Deere tractor are among the $6.2

million worth of taxpayer-purchased items missing from Department of

Veterans Affairs hospitals and properties across Texas,

documents obtained by KXAN News reveal.

Cincy-area congressman stands by 'moochers'

comment about VA health care

Rep. Warren Davidson Thursday defended his assertion that “moochers” and “pretenders”

are clogging the Veterans Affairs’ health care system. “Part of the problem is there are

some vets that are moochers and they’re clogging up the system,” Davidson

said Monday at a town hall in West Chester, according to a story in the Journal-News.

“And we do as taxpayers want to make sure the VA filters out these folks that are pretenders.”

Georgia veteran fights to get access to Veterans Choice Program
Charley Kiser, 56, has a scrapbook of stories about the Department of

Veteran Affairs - including his own story. "I haven't seen any improvement and

the Veterans Choice program is such a nightmare it is unbelievable,"

he said. Kiser's frustrations have caused him to 

joined the ranks of the Facebook Group "VA is Lying."

Wells Fargo illegally repossessed 413 service members' cars

Wells Fargo will pay $24 million to settle allegations that it mistreated

members of the military -- including illegally repossessing their cars.

Parking Headaches Continue At VA

Federal lawsuits have stalled work on a $20-million parking garage meant to ease

crowded lots at the Dallas VA Medical Center. The nearly finished structure was scheduled

to open earlier this year. The nation’s second largest VA system has struggled with

crowding, with the main campus on Lancaster Road in Dallas looking less like a

hospital some days, and more like a holiday weekend at the airport.

Phoenix VA Gets 7th Boss In 3 YEARS,

And VA Already Knows She’s No Good
To turn around the most troubled Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in the nation,

officials have selected a woman who left her last hospital in disgrace after it ranked

dead-last in patient satisfaction among the agency’s 126 hospitals nationwide.

Rima Ann Nelson has been named the next leader of the Phoenix VA,

The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Best for Vets: Places to Live 2016 — new rankings of 125 cities

For many people, Hawaii and sunny Southern California are dream vacation

destinations. For you, could they be home?

The Process of Adjudication

of Your Claim Is Complex

The More You Know, the Better!

Below are select bits of Title 38

Read Up!

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TITLE 38—Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief


§3.4   Compensation.
(a) Compensation. This term means a monthly payment made by the Department of

Veterans Affairs to a veteran because of service-connected disability, or to a

surviving spouse, child, or parent of a veteran because of the service-connected

death of the veteran occurring before January 1, 1957, or under the circumstances

outlined in paragraph (c)(2) of this section. If the veteran was discharged

or released from service, the discharge or release must

have been under conditions other than dishonorable.

(b) Disability compensation. (1) Basic entitlement for a veteran exists if the veteran

is disabled as the result of a personal injury or disease (including

aggravation of a condition existing prior to service) while in active

service if the injury or the disease was incurred or aggravated in line of duty.

Effective Dates
§3.400   General.
Except as otherwise provided, the effective date of an evaluation and award of pension,

compensation or dependency and indemnity compensation based on an

original claim, a claim reopened after final disallowance, or a claim

for increase will be the date of receipt of the claim or the

date entitlement arose, whichever is the later.

Reductions and Discontinuances
§3.500   General.
The effective date of a rating which results in the reduction or discontinuance of an

award will be in accordance with the facts found except as provided in §3.105.

The effective date of reduction or discontinuance of an award of pension,

compensation, or dependency and indemnity compensation for a payee

or dependent will be the earliest of the dates stated in these paragraphs

unless otherwise provided. Where an award is reduced, the reduced rate

will be effective the day following the date of discontinuance of the greater benefit.

Concurrent Benefits and Elections
§3.700   General.
Not more than one award of pension, compensation, or emergency officers',

regular or reserve retirement pay will be made concurrently to any person

based on his or her own service except as provided in §3.803 relating to naval

pension and §3.750(c) relating to waiver of retirement pay. Not more than

one award of pension, compensation, or dependency and indemnity

compensation may be made concurrently to a dependent

on account of more than one period of service of a veteran.

§3.10   Dependency and indemnity

compensation rate for a surviving spouse.

(a) General determination of rate. When VA grants a surviving spouse

entitlement to DIC, VA will determine the rate of the benefit it will award. The rate

of the benefit will be the total of the basic monthly rate specified in paragraph

(b) or (d) of this section and any applicable increases specified in paragraph

(c) or (e) of this section. (b) Basic monthly rate. Except as provided in

paragraph (d) of this section, the basic monthly rate of DIC

for a surviving spouse will be the amount set forth in 38 U.S.C. 1311(a)(1).

§3.103   Procedural due process and appellate rights.

(a) Statement of policy. Every claimant has the right to written notice of the

decision made on his or her claim, the right to a hearing, and the right of representation.

Proceedings before VA are ex parte in nature, and it is the obligation of

VA to assist a claimant in developing the facts pertinent to the claim and

to render a decision which grants every benefit that can be supported

in law while protecting the interests of the Government. The provisions of this

section apply to all claims for benefits and relief, and

decisions thereon, within the purview of this part 3.

§3.303   Principles relating to service connection.
(a) General. Service connection connotes many factors but basically it means that

the facts, shown by evidence, establish that a particular injury or disease resulting

in disability was incurred coincident with service in the Armed Forces, or if

preexisting such service, was aggravated therein. This may be accomplished by

affirmatively showing inception or aggravation during service or through the

application of statutory presumptions. Each disabling condition shown by a

veteran's service records, or for which he seeks a service connection must be

considered on the basis of the places, types and circumstances of his service

as shown by service records, the official history of each organization in which

he served, his medical records and all pertinent medical and lay evidence.

Determinations as to service connection will be based on review of the entire

evidence of record, with due consideration to the policy of the Department

of Veterans Affairs to administer the law under a broad and

liberal interpretation consistent with the facts in each individual case.

Bodies Of Unclaimed Veterans Languish At

Hines VA Hospital, Whistleblower Claims

The bodies of military veterans lay unclaimed for weeks at a time at the Hines

VA Hospital, a whistleblower alleges. Staff from the U.S. Department

of Veterans Affairs in Washington are in town looking into that complaint.

VA attempts to recoup money paid to veterans in prison

The Department of Veterans Affairs is billing veterans who were incarcerated

at any time since 2008 for benefits they received – but shouldn’t have –

while in prison, a VA official said Tuesday.

Veteran Groups Intervene in Fired Phoenix VA Director Lawsuit

A dozen veteran and military groups have entered the legal fight with former

Department of Veterans Affairs executive Sharon Helman in hopes they

can salvage a law allowing the department to fire top managers more quickly.

VA Hires Another Sex Offender To Care For Vulnerable, Elderly Vets
Veterans entrusting their care to the federal government in Puerto

Rico can count one more felon among their caretakers.

Wells Fargo Troubles Mount With Penalty for Soldiers’ Loans

Wells Fargo & Co., reeling from weeks of pummeling over fraudulent customer accounts,

was sanctioned by the Justice Department over improperly repossessing cars

owned by members of the military.Federal authorities are punishing the

San Francisco-based lender for as many as 413 alleged violations of the

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, according to a statement Thursday from the

Justice Department, which said the bank agreed to pay more than

$4 million to compensate borrowers involved in unlawful

repossessions spread over seven years.

VA offers partial response to Congress,

leaves big questions unanswered

Responding to a subpoena request from Congress, the Department of Veterans

Affairs this week turned over some — but not all — of its investigative

findings into a Colorado hospital that blew its construction budget by more than $1 billion.

Veteran's family frustrated by VA health care system finally get resolution

Sergeant James Mickel, 68, fought in Vietnam. The marine now finds himself mired in

another conflict - this time with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. "We're tired of fighting

with them," says Jane Mickel.  Mickel says the experience she and her husband

have had with the VA Gainesville hospital has left them in a place of uncertainty.

Where do we send claims,

evidence and such these days???

We don't send our forms and evidence to the regional office any longer.

For those who may not have gotten the memo, we send it all to Janesville, WI.

VAWatchdog encourages readers to follow these simple

rules to ensure that your claim is delivered properly.

1) Use Certified mail only. Don't FedEx it, don't just drop it in the mail.

Certified mail gives you a receipt that will be necessary to prove you

mailed it after VA somehow loses or shreds your papers.

2) Fax it at the same time you mail it. Yes, that's extra effort for you but it

doubles your chances of getting the claim in and having it properly recorded.

3) Have your papers well organized. Be sure your name is on each

document along with any relevant numbers like your SSA or claim file number.

4) Sign any documents that require it. You'd be shocked at how many

vets wait months and years for claims to be adjudicated only to be

denied because they didn't sign on the line.

5) If you're dealing with anything other than a disability claim (debt,

CHAMPVA, education, etc.,) there are other addresses to use.

Click here to see the list.

Mail and fax it all to:

Department of Veterans Affairs

Claims Intake Center PO Box 5235

Janesville, WI 53547-5235
Toll Free Fax: 844-822-5246

You don't want to miss what veterans had to

say about their experiences at the VA

Concerned Veterans for America has been traveling across the country hosting town

halls where local veterans can talk openly about their experiences with the

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). And the more we’ve listened, the more

we’ve realized: American veterans simply aren’t being heard by DC bureaucrats. 

If you’re a veteran or a military family member,

we want you to share your story.

Fill out a Share Your Story form, post on the Concerned Veterans

for America Facebook page, or tweet @ConcernedVets using #MyVAStory.

Dr. Brett Valette provides Military Veterans with psychological

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Nexus Letters and Ratings Reviews. For more information visit


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Specially Adapted Housing/Special

Home Adaptation Automobile 

Allowance/Adaptive Equipment -

Benefits Based on a Veteran's

Seriously Disabled Child

VA Form 21-0958 - NOD

​Notice of Disagreement

The first step to appeal

VA Form 21-534 EZ

Application for DIC, Death Pension

Change of Address

TDIU Annual - VA Form 4140

VA form 21-686c

Declaration of Status of Dependents

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