3M ordered to pay $77.5 mln to veteran in latest earplug trial

A jury in Pensacola, Florida federal court on

Friday ordered 3M to pay $77.5 million

to a U.S. Army veteran who said he suffered

hearing damage as a result of using the

company's military-issue earplugs.

US air force academy cadets denied commission over vaccine refusal
Trio will receive college degrees but will not be commissioned ‘as long as they remain unvaccinated’ 

Disability benefits can enhance your independence and help you care for your family

​​Veterans’ Benefits Rating and Rates
Disability Compensation
Veterans who have disabilities, medical conditions or injuries incurred or aggravated during active military service — no matter when or where they served — may be eligible to receive tax-free monthly benefits.

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Federal report slams care of local VA patient who died

The report gives a list of recommendations to the VA to prevent something like this from happening again. 

Gregory Rada - Veteran

Veterans Law Attorney

​Gregory M. Rada has been representing his fellow veterans before the Veterans Administration since 2012. In 2002, Greg enlisted in the United States Air Force as a C-17 loadmaster, attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant before being honorably discharged in 2008. He served in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, accumulating over 2200 flying hours, including 828 combat flying hours.

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Maintaining separate VA health care system is costly and redundant

​The VA doesn’t have any medical services that the civilian medical world doesn’t have...The current VA health care system doesn’t include all veterans because a veteran’s income has to fall below a certain level for him or her to qualify, even though we all served.

Is SSI the same as Social Security disability?
The Social Security Administration manages different programs to provide financial stability to Americans,

two of which are targeted at the disabled.

Using Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Prolong Back Pain

​“For many decades it’s been standard medical practice to treat pain with anti-inflammatory drugs, but we found that this short-term fix could lead to longer-term problems.” 

How Too Much Drinking Harms the Liver

​As Americans stepped up their drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic, liver disease and transplants surged.

How the US is failing female veterans suffering illness from toxic burn pits
A bill to expand coverage for vets affected by toxic exposure doesn’t cover some of the illnesses that women get

Florida bodybuilder pulling a $245,000 scam

told the VA he could lift only 10 pounds

​While pulling this scam, bodybuilder Zachary Barton

and his wife were posting pictures and videos online

of Barton pushing heavy iron to build his physique

and flexing in the gym and on stage in contests.

What can we do to combat the rising suicide rates among veterans?
Suicide among veterans is double that of nonveterans. How can we save the loves of those who fought for us?

Biden's student loan forgiveness plan is a slap in the face to veterans and active military
I joined the Marine Corps two weeks out of high school, deployed to Afghanistan, and earned my degree using the GI Bill

Navy desertions have more than doubled amid suicide concerns, as sailors feel trapped by contracts

The number of sailors who deserted the Navy more than doubled from 2019 to 2021, highlighting the lack of options

contract-bound sailors face when they’re desperate to leave.

Is America’s military headed down the same path as Russia’s?

​American leaders are fond of saying ours is the best military in the world. They fail to realize that key

elements of our forces have shrunk by half since our last clear-cut victory: 1991′s Operation Desert Storm.

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veterans law attorney

People In Counties That Backed Trump Were Twice As Likely To Die From COVID

​Lower vaccination rates were critical to the death-rate difference, say researchers

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Providing Military Veterans Personalized Psychological and Medical Evaluations. Complete the Contact form, and you'll get a personal phone call from us. We listen, and want to know what you are going through. We provide Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Independent Medical Opinions (IMO) and nexus letters for ratings reviews, secondary conditions, medical conditions, discharge upgrades, and many types of denied claims.  We also provide Social Security Disability claim reports.

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Entitlement to service connection

for bilateral foot disability claimed

as secondary to

carbon tetrachloride exposure.

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Veterans Benefits Administration Reports

​Detailed Claims Data    Status Reports
Reports contain data covering claims inventory, claims
backlog, claims accuracy, and Fully Developed Claims. 

U.S. Code: Title 38


A veteran is entitled to disability compensation if he or she were

(1) discharged or released from the military under conditions other than dishonorable,

(2) their disease or injury was incurred or aggravated in the line of duty, and

(3) the disease or injury was not the result of the their own willful misconduct

or abuse of drugs.

Jim Strickland is a Vietnam era Army veteran and nationally recognized expert on VA disability benefits.

Jim writes extensively about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 
Jim's Mailbag is a regular column featured at  Stateside Legal  where veterans, servicemembers,
and family members can  ask Jim their questions  about VA and Social Security disability benefits. 

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38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities   tells you the standards you must meet to be awarded a % rating for

a given condition. Below we've selected

a few of the most frequently 

needed sections of   The Schedule

Disability benefits can enhance your independence and help you care for your family
​​Veterans’ Benefits Rating and Rates   Disability Compensation
Veterans who have disabilities, medical conditions or injuries incurred or aggravated during active military service —

no matter when or where they served — may be eligible to receive tax-free monthly benefits.

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Many service members use industrial solvents in regular military tasks

​Benzene   Tetrachloroethylene

(PCE or PERC)   Acetone    Trichloroethylene (TCE)   Xylenes​

Federal Tort and

Section 1151 Claims
When something goes wrong and

the veteran suffers an injury or

death due to the negligence of

a federal employee, the veteran

or his/her spouse may pursue

claims under the

Federal Tort Claims Act

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