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You have the right to appeal any benefits decision made by the Veterans Benefits

Administration (VBA). The VA appeals process is set in law and is different

from other judicial appeals processes. Find out how to file an appeal.

Support for Caregivers
Caregivers play an important role in the health and well-being of Veterans. The Caregiver

Support Program offers training, educational resources, and multiple tools to help you succeed. 

Please contact our Caregiver Support Line for advice on being a caregiver. 

Marine Veteran Files Lawsuit Against VA, Roe

Robert D. Rose Jr., 52, said this week that he and many other veterans who suffered

degenerative injuries while in the service have been denied access to opioid pain

medications and access to quality health care. Rose seeks personal damages of

$100 million “for pain, suffering and extreme torment” since Nov. 1, 2016, “after being forced

on pain medication taper on Oct. 15, 2016, as part of VA policies supported by (Roe).”

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Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney
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Long-Term Outcomes of Military Service: The Health and Well-Being of Aging Veterans

Using data compiled from longitudinal studies of World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War

veterans, contributors to this groundbreaking book examine the effects of military service across

the lifespan.  The US spends over 100 billion dollars annually on healthcare for more than 30 million

active military and veterans. The prevalence of negative trauma and post-traumatic stress

disorder (PTSD) among military veterans is well-known.  But other more subtle effects of

military service—particularly on health and well-being in later life—are less well-understood, among researchers as well as medical and mental health professionals who care for veterans.

New Jersey bar boycotts NFL in honor of Veterans Day

Woody’s Roadside Tavern in Farmingdale tuned out football after a Vietnam veteran

and regular customer expressed to the owners that he felt disrespected by players who

have protested police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem.

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Federal watchdog finds Colorado VA facilities used

“unofficial wait lists” for mental health care
“It highlights even more VA mismanagement and lack of

accountability in Colorado,” U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner said

​Prescription drug abuse increasingly seen as a major U.S. public health problem

​Americans' concerns about prescription drug abuse have risen over the past four years,

with some of largest increases coming among well-educated adults.

Concerns about mental illness are also up slightly from 2013.

​Federal report slams Northfield VA Clinic following investigation into veteran suicide

​A federal report investigating the death of an Egg Harbor Township man was highly critical of the Northfield Veterans Affairs Clinic, saying it failed to provide timely appointments for Charles Ingram despite him suffering from mental health issues for several years.

​AP fact check: Trump’s statements on the economy, veterans’ health care

They claimed more progress than has been made.

He told U.S. veterans of the Vietnam War that the Department of Veterans Affairs has made

“amazing” strides and already “is a whole new place.” Veterans Day prompted President Donald

Trump and his administration to take stock of what’s been done to fix health care for

those in uniform. They claimed more progress than has been made. His remarks and a

White House account of progress at the VA did not acknowledge old problems that persist.

For example, a key effort to improve waiting times by revamping the VA’s electronic medical

record system may not be completed for eight more years — when Trump will be out of office.

3 Carriers Now Operating Off the Korean Peninsula with Japanese Ships

Army lifts ban on waivers for recruits with history of some mental health issues

Trade school, not 4-year college, is a better bet to solve the US income gap

​"There are too many four-year colleges serving too many students, and too few institutions

with greater focus on vocational education and training," the researchers said.

Opioid crackdown leaves veterans in pain

​​Name Of Vet Who Died From Agent Orange Finally On Vietnam Memorial

Former VA Employee Indicted on Charges of Fraud, Bribery and Theft

The Justice Department recently announced an indictment handed down by a federal grand jury charging a former Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) official with a scheme to steal benefit money for veterans.

2 Companies Managing VA’s Private Care For Vets Are Suspected Of Skimming Millions

The inspector general recently reported to Congress that the two companies have collected

at least $89 million more than what they were supposed to. At least must be emphasized,

as the audit is still ongoing (the inspector general’s office says it should be completed

by the end of the year). TriWest is also being investigated by a federal grand jury for

possible wire fraud and misuse of government funds. “This was a senseless waste of

resources that could have been better spent on veterans’ health care”

From: Inspector General To: Secretary of Veterans Affairs 

Subj: Accuracy and Timeliness of Payments Made Under the Choice Program

Authorized by the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act 

​Now’s The Time For Dialogue With North Korea, Not Military Intervention

That the Kim Jong-un regime is oppressive is not up for debate, but the wisdom of

pledging the United States to preventive military intervention in North Korea most certainly is.

Veterans Clinical Psychologist

Veterans Claiming Disability Pay Face Wall of Denials and Delays

“My adult life has been consumed trying to battle the bureaucracy” The main cause of delays,

according to the department, was a design flaw that fed appeals with simple errors

into a legal system that was meant to rule on complex cases.

“Nobody believes me”: Solitary soldiers, forgotten veterans

​Women now comprise 2 million of the 21 million veterans in the U.S.

And though the Pentagon officially lifted the ban on women in combat

roles in 2013, women were functionally in combat long before that. 

Veterans Work to Bridge Info Gap on Gulf War Illness

​Of all that was revealed by a government watchdog this year about how the Department

of Veterans Affairs treats Persian Gulf War veterans, the most shocking discovery to

Shawn Scott was that most doctors aren't trained about illnesses specific to veterans of that era.

​They served their country, but now

a VA service they rely on will end

​When asked why the program was cut, spokesperson David Omura said:

"There could be grant funding allocated through the state and there was initial funding to help support

this program; however, we realize that all organizations are making budget decisions that need to be balanced thoughtfully. If support could be obtained through this avenue, I am confident that it would have been obtained already through our colleagues at the Lieutenant Governor's Office."

"Umm, what?"

Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney

Devin Kelley’s Air Force punishment exposes flaws with military justice, observers say

Before Devin Kelley murdered 26 people, including children, in Sutherland Springs, Tex., the Air Force knew he should be kept far from the reach of a gun. But the service failed to report his domestic violence conviction to the FBI, a move that would have restricted him from buying and owning firearms.

The 10 best companies for veterans

​The unemployment rate for veterans is the lowest it has ever been since September

2001, and it continuing to fall. This achievement is due in part to the employers

who have made a commitment to hire those who have served in our armed forces.

The battle within: Treating PTSD in military veterans

More than 20 million US military veterans are currently living in the US. After years of

serving their country and waging war overseas, many of them struggle with

post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), homelessness and addiction.

Veterans Law Attorney
Veterans Law Attorney

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