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An email from Jim to a friend.

From: Jim Strickland

To: A Dedicated VA Employee

Subject: What's Up In Your World?

I hope that this finds you well and not too upset with all the flak that's flying around you guys. Thanks for staying in touch and keeping us informed.

We're curious. How is all the horrible press affecting the everyday guy and gal who works at one of the VA regional offices? The press and the Congress each make controlled visits to a random VARO and everyone gets plenty of face time on camera except the people who are doing the work and shouldering the blame.

So, what's up on your end? Tell our readers how the real VA employee feels about all this.

From: A Dedicated VA Employee

To: Jim Strickland-VAWatchdog Dot Org

Subject: My World

I've been at a meeting with other dedicated VA employees. Very little has been said about any of this.

A number of my coworkers watched the hearing last week and there was some discussion but there haven't been any ongoing discussions about it.

I don't think that any employee has any expectation that there will be any change and it is business as usual here.

There are a fair number of employees who still think that this is an attack on all VA employees and that Congress and the media are trying to make it look as if the VA does nothing. I am not sure they really understand when I try to explain that it is not the front-line employee that the furor is about but the dishonesty and lack of accountability of the high level managers that is it at issue.

After working more than a year of mandatory overtime with no end in sight and dealing with constantly changing performance standards and procedures, it's hard for even the most dedicated of VA employees to care about much of anything or have any hope for any positive change.

That includes me.

But I have to say that the entertainment value watching some of these high level people get skewered in the press and in the hearings is quite high. But that’s all it is-entertainment.

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Jim Strickland  91-D20  E-5     98th General Hospital   1968-1970

Here I am next to my ship after it was recovered from being shot down,early Dec-71. Was hit just inside the Laos/rvn border just west of Khe Sahn.The pic is back at base camp, Camp Evans.  G.A.Branigan, Charliehorse 962, RVN 70-71-72 A Trp. 7/17th.ACR.1st.Avn.Bde.CE-LiftD Trp.3/5th.Cav.101st.Abn.

Senior Scout Crewchief  The CAV is forever....OathKeeper   N7LOH

Me in Nam.

Gene Miller  

Kilo 3/9  1967

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A picture of me 02/1969 at an outpost

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Gary Bradley

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