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Have you seen these?

VA is enclosing these in some correspondence to veterans. Now what are they doing?


Doug Rosinski

Veterans Law Attorney


This cheesy, poorly printed, unsigned and undated document is the VA's latest sad attempt to get files scanned into the VBMS by using the VCIP.

With the Veterans Benefits Management System, a new digital claims processing system, VBA is scanning hundreds of paper documents at a time, digitizing and securely storing the records, and moving VA away from paper and toward a digital environment.

Wait. What? Are you confused yet?

The Veterans Claims Intake Program’s (VCIP) mission is to deliver solutions for intake of source material, documentation, electronic records, and data in direct support of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) claims process, while working collaboratively with all stakeholders to manage VBA’s transition from the paper environment to the digital operating environment. VCIP is responsible for implementing plans and procedures relating to intake capabilities and the execution/management of document conversion services contracts on behalf of and in support of VBA transformation.The intake sites for these files are: Janesville, WI, Newnan, GA,  Mt. Vernon, KY.

Rather than officially announcing that all paper should be sent to these addresses in a formal and instructive way, VA chooses to insert mimeographed copies of unsigned billets doux into random messages to veterans lawyers. No explanation, no nothing.

BTW, those papers aren't returned to the VARO...they're shredded. VA loves a shredding machine like hogs love slop.

Progressive, positive change at your VA? Not in this lifetime.

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Jim Strickland  91-D20  E-5     98th General Hospital   1968-1970

Here I am next to my ship after it was recovered from being shot down,early Dec-71. Was hit just inside the Laos/rvn border just west of Khe Sahn.The pic is back at base camp, Camp Evans.  G.A.Branigan, Charliehorse 962, RVN 70-71-72 A Trp. 7/17th.ACR.1st.Avn.Bde.CE-LiftD Trp.3/5th.Cav.101st.Abn.

Senior Scout Crewchief  The CAV is forever....OathKeeper   N7LOH

Me in Nam.

Gene Miller  

Kilo 3/9  1967

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A picture of me 02/1969 at an outpost

from the small hamlet of Vinh KIm.

Gary Bradley

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