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VA Form 21-526EZ

Disability Service Connection
Secondary Service Connection

IncreasedDisability Compensation

Temporary Total Disability Rating
 Individual Unemployability
Compensation under

38 U.S.C. 1151
 Special Monthly Compensation
Specially Adapted Housing

Special Home Adaptation

Automobile Allowance

/Adaptive Equipment
Benefits Based on a Veteran's
Seriously Disabled Child

VA Form 21-0958 - NOD
​Notice of Disagreement
VA Form 21-534 EZ
Application for DIC,

Death Pension
Change of Address​

Add Your Dependents

Declaration of Status of Dependents

TDIU Annual

VA Form 4140

Veteran Proud

Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD)

Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)

Physical Evaluation Board (PEB)

What is the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)?

The MEB is an informal board comprised of at least two physicians who evaluate the Soldier’s medical history, condition, and extent of injury or illness, and recommends whether or not the Soldier’s medical condition will impede his/her ability to continue serving in full duty capacity in his/her office, grade or rank.

What is the Benefits Delivery (BDD) at Discharge Program?

The Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Delivery at Discharge program allows Service members to submit a claim for disability compensation between 180 to 90 days prior to separation, retirement, or release from active duty or demobilization.

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M21-1 Adjudication Procedures Manual
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New Outreach for Vets Regarding
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Veterans injured by service wait
years for compensation hearings

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Benefits from Other Federal Agencies

A general list of other Federal agencies that

offer benefit programs and resources for

Service members, Veterans, and their families.

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How To Manage Department of Veterans Affairs Disabled Veterans Benefits

​Attorney Drew Early's Curriculum Vitae
Graduate of the US Military Academy, West Point,  New York
20 years of active Army service, with multiple deployments, including tours with 2 Infantry Division, 10th Mountain Division , XVIII Airborne Corps, and Third Army.  Military qualifications to include Airborne and Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal badges.
Graduate of the Command and General Staff College (w/ honors), FT Leavenworth KS
Master's Degree in Strategic Planning from the School of Advanced Military Studies, FT Leavenworth KS
Graduate of the College of Law, Georgia State University (cum laude)
Numerous military and foreign awards
Inaugural recipient, Marshall-Tuttle Award Award from the State Bar of GA for work in support of military and veterans

Veterans Law Attorney

What is the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB)?

If the MEB finds the Soldier unfit to return to duty in his/her MOS, the Soldier is referred to the PEB. The informal PEB evaluates the Soldier’s medical information, MOS, and other factors to determine the Soldier’s:
Fitness to continue military service
Eligibility for disability compensation
Disability codes and percentage rating (ranging from zero to 100 percent)
Case disposition
Whether or not the injury or illness is combat-related

Veterans Law Attorney

Mental health resources for veterans, families

Many state and local organizations help

veterans and their families.

Here are some resources for mental

health and suicide prevention.

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Send Your Documents,

Forms & Evidence here...

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Department of Veterans Affairs
Claims Intake Center
PO BOX 4444
JANESVILLE, WI 53547- 4444
Toll Free Fax: 844-531-7818

Regional Loan Center

Contact Information

Vocational Rehabilitation

and Employment

Contact your VARO

Pension Management Centers

Education and Training
Regional Processing Offices

VA has three RPOs that handle GI Bill claims.

Find your region here.

Veterans Benefits Administration 

Derivative Benefits Eligibility

The VA Benefit Eligibility Matrix

There are additional benefits that you may be

eligible for that are based on a favorable decision for

a VA benefit and/or based on special circumstances.

These are known as derivatives.

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